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migraine : its about the cold drink?

or its just a hype?or my mind teasing me? 

i am obviously not an ice-type, in which, everything must cold and chill right before it touch ur lips.i wasn't trained that way.i prefer a room temperature drink, but sometimes, cold drink are welcomed when the weather is bloody hot.or sometimes, out of nowhere, during rainy days, i prefer cold drinks.weirdo.

after migraine catching me up, i try to find some fact about or any articles that helped.and the list came out...

but one thing i noticed whats happening to me,ecspecially day time,after gulping the cold drink, my head will be in throbbing pain.for example, yesterday i was so hungry in the morning,so i just pour some cold milk and honey stars, right after half and hour, i feel headache.

in some article found, it was stated migraine patient adviced no to consume cheese and chocolate during the ache period. in my case i dun have any pain before taking the milk.
could i just sum up the cold drink is the culprit?

Because the skull is a closed…

Preloved - wedding dress

finally, i have made up my mind. i am letting go this dress. dun worry,it is negotiable. drop me an email :


rite now i am wondering how come Big Apple/Dunkin/Krispy Creme could produce such same tasteful doughnut EVERY DAY?ok..they equipped with auto machine bout makcik nasik lemak that sells doughnut. the replication of the previous yummy doughnut rite?also every day.

how could uli every day without fail?


i did my own doughnut this morning.owh god my kitchen was in mess..flour ever where..tones of used measurement bowl in my sink to arrived to this:

sampai amik gambar pun terbalik..

untuk yang pertama kali mencuba..GOODLUCK eh =)

untuk tips:

1) bila dah nak jadi doh, ia akan melekat-lekat..harap besabar dalam proses ini ye.teruskan uli dalam 15-20 min.

2) bila dah siap di uli, biar kan doh rehat.jangan biarkan terbukak.tutup.

3) guna mangkuk yang besar sebab doh akan mengembang.

4) siap2 canai/bentukkan donut sebelum panaskan kuali

5) sewaktu nak buat kan bulat2 iaitu sebelum buat bentuk..sebaik shj korang kepal2 kan dari mangkuk (saya guna sudu sebab tanak melekat kat tangan)…

on leave

korang pernah rasa nak cuti tiba2..terus apply and alhamdulilah lulus.lepas korang fikir balik, cuti nak buat ape?

itula saya.

so dun expect any post as i will be wondering around in pyjamas all day nextweek and trying to cook sumthing nice. 


Ayam goreng kunyit Special


Ayam - i guna isi ayam.
bawang besar -hiris
bawang besar + halia+ bawang putih ----> kisar
serbuk kunyit 
cili api
cili merah
kacang panjang

garam & gula


1) bakar belacan + bawang besar untuk naikkan bau nya.dalam lesung batu, satukan belacan + bawang besar+cili api+ cili merah+ garam+ gula------>tumbuk hingga halus.

2) basuh ayam. perap dalam kunyit dan garam selama  10 minit. panaskan minyak.goreng ikut rasa.kalau nak garing minyak perlu lebih dan tunggu hingga garing. kalau tanak garing, goreng hingga separuh masak.

3) di dalam kuali yang sama, setelah ayam masak ikut kesukaan (kalau goreng garing perlu keluarkan   minyak dulu sebab banyak sangat nanti) masukkan bahan2 yang telah ditumbuk tadi.
masukkan sayur kacang panjang dan tomato

4) perlu letak sedikit garam secukup rasa.biar sehingga kering.kalau nak masam tambahkan lemon/asam.

selamat mencuba!!!!!

City Hunter

i do loves korean/japan drama series since ages.but nowaday, korean conquering the mass, hence forget about japan dramas.
recently, i finished watching City Hunter. its all started when i simply search for some entertainment before sleeping.litle did i knew, i absorbed very fast.hehe.
i like Lee Min Ho and Park Min Young so much. they are the cutiest couple on set.
after racing with chores to finish up the series, i am possessed.hari hari pun nak dengar ost.

busy B wondering

hubby is as bussiest as ever.just recover from fever and sore a smart wifey, i helped him with home remedy.but finally ubat woods jugak yang dapat nama -____-"
so hows my dapur?my last time i did really enjoy cooking was erkkkk..i can't remember. as i can recall i masak ape2 je yang mudah dan cepat sebab malam2 nak alas perut je pun =D
im just wondering, ecspecially to working mummy or working wife, do they cook every day after come back from office?mind sharing with me where do u mummies get ur energy from?by drinking booster?hehe.joke.
the next things i wonder about is, what did u cook?ecspecially yang ade growing kiddies? i am wondering rite know that i can't even finish up my invoices =D
for me, yes i do prepare meals - for weekdays and weekend. but on weekdays, for dinner, i normally practised simpler, faster and tastier (huhu i masak tk sedap). contoh nye:
1) ikan goreng n sup sayur 2) burger 3) bihun/nasi/mee/keowtew goreng 4) french toast 5) spageti 6) any kind of…


I dun like at fact who do?i have mild migraine like the past 2 weeks.i feel like i wanna take my bath and sleep in the dark.*in ur dream lah*
its does get worse by the end of the some little researching, it caused by the longer staring at the computer/tv.and some cases, handphone.yeah..i have this habbit to keep on checking sosial web while trying to have some relaxation while watching tv.poor me. forgot my eyes and body need more time off from those gadget.
too late too regret now.better less do them all.
hence, lesser entry this month? hehe.


no its not missing in action.asking accounting background person u will find the truthful is Member Institute Of Accountants.its a baby step where u will be burried as an accountant haha.

graduated from accounting school make u dreams of being ones.but being one needed full of sacrifice. its all about blood and feel like betraying myself now.i keep on postphone it and with full of obstacles.

i feel guilty as charged.

i rest my case.