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Akmar wedding

i forgot about Kema's wedding took place in lovely Tasik Titiwangsa. sebab saya pergi ke belah lelaki maka saya tak kenal sesiapa kecuali Fadh. itupun sebab dah berjanji nak jumpe hehe.
now she is  7 months pregnant =)

from my bed

finally, i have loong weekend.away from office and closer to mummy and family. i just felt i am too away from them,a part from it, i, myself have something to settle with.
and did u remember i fell sick (i told ya in previous entry rite ;p).i am worried too with my health.if you do follow my blog, i've been sick quite alot this year alone, and it is only end of April.*sigh*
Looking back to my lifestyle, maybe there are something wrong. or else, of cos it is.kalau tak macam mane boleh sakit far as i can recall, i already went to the clinic 3 times from January.
my immune system drop. looking back past years, i only have less than 5 times of MC in a year.i l already took MC this year, and that was only in February (i was working hard that i only took MC once tho i went to clinic 3 times.. emmm ok i cheat..and half day becos i really cannot tahan hehe).
i really wanna to know why my body become such weak so sudden.last time when was studying, i was also way from my famili, but …

white kebaya

did u saw Awal n Scha photoshoot for their pre wedding???you must see it!!!

because...last time i almost bought exactly same kebaya!!!yes the white kebaya.

i purposely called Fahmi at the office.

me: dear do u remember the white Kebaya @ xxx shop.the one that i eager to almost-buy??
him: no..i don't..hehe
me : do u Scha wearing it for their photoshoot???
him: oo really..luckily u didnt bought. nanti orang ckp awak tiru die.
me: but that was last year. she just wearing it!
him : yeah i know..but she's so popular. they will say u copied her
me: -_________-"

i am always like making small thing big.

Happy weekend..btw..i am sick


i hate exam. especially my last exam. i keep thinking when will the result come out..please be faster.i am cannot sabar already.

i keep on pondering how if i fail.what am i gonna do.

if i suceed also big matter as i dun want to be posting to anywhere else that far away.

somebody told me yesterday, that i am a negative thinker. "could you please get rid of ur negativity in ur head" she said. yes at certain point she is right.


just now i want to buy product hp suddenly can't detect my sim card ssseeeesssshhh..naik darah mcm ni.dah isi2 form sekali nak bayar sampai kat TAC part trus rase histeria kejap.i dunno what happen.if, let say my hp damage,how come die boleh detect sim card baru.or else dorg dah tak serasi bersama?i already replace old sim last month in case its tooooo old.

but how come still can not be detected?now im frust.can't buy that product.


i am too stress now.

random - wedding n roomate

i've found my ex-roomate's cute. i dun even know she has a blog. so hi!!!!!!keep on writing bebeh.the sweetest thing is she wrote about her kids and family.please write more. last time i saw her was few years back when her first son was just welcomed to the world.skrg dah besau dah!!!!

ok la next.i am nervous now.there are so many things have not settle about my wedding. tho the date is set 6 months from now, i am cool feet. everytime i feel the jitters i have to calm down, take a mental list and do the breakdown of timing.and of cos pray alot. 

i read alot about wedding preps.but sometimes i am too nerves that i could not consume well.the result is i passed to him to continue reading. 

i will come up with my wedding list and story of all behind the scenes. of cos la kan drama queen.

ok.bye diary!!!


hi diary!!!i miss you!!auditors have go back, bosses aren't around BUT Unifi also gone. so what to do.i moving aorund updating my cabinet.and annnoyed Tasha by craking silly jokes.

last weekend i went for the exam. the weather was cooooooollllll- rain heavily and i guess the room temperature was dropping below 0 degree.damn cold!i have to go outside in between papers to warm up (we had only 5 min breaks since we started late) and started to feel the ice as soon as i step in the hall.

i took all the fat in my body to add up the heat inside my body. being skinny i am, i failed.i dragged myself most of the time think and write.i told myself to hang in there ecspecially during the essay paper.pftt.

as ussual being super bimbotic

the Questions were as ussual.and like always i did not manage to recall ALL my tiny memories to help me.i even late for my Math paper since they dun even announced how long will the break (the first break).i over take the break.Late for Math paper mean dead!

you as…

bully me

stop bullying me the auditors!!!!!

i am stress enough to prepare the confirmation and those Q

i neeeeddddddd my wondermilkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


5.30 please dun come so faster.i may die in action.


i cannot breath normally rite now.file piling up higher, email waiting to be respond, bosses waiting to make everything complicated.haha.stomach waiting to be feed.but i have only two hands and one brain.

today i did sumthing that make me feel the whole burden went away. lifted from my shoulder.i told my boss what was wrong and what is wrong.and he gave me one good ceramah and i went like "i am sorry i can't do this. this is wrong".

finally i made it.only after Tasha n Zul brain washed me late yesterday.

of cos it takes alot of courages and strenght from head to toe when you confide. and finally i am shaking in relief.

so please, do the right thing when thing goes wrong.since you not always get to do the thing right at the first place.

 yours truly;



I am at Ipoh home now.mum scold me because annoyed with my answer. the truth is that was my answer. and i miss Fahmi now. he is at his mum's place. he said he is worrying about me.i need some comfort words and hug.

so childish

so here i am blogging on first let welcome the new family member.hehe....the shoes.i miss it now.why i did not wear it last nite on the way to not kewl.

many people keep asking when is the date of our wedding. i dunno seriuosly. i want to hit my head already now as i answered with some funny stuff. when the fact is,it isnt.*sigh*.
please bear with me, i am puzzling too.Fahmi too. we both try to arrange it as soonest possible.

*sakit kepala haku*

can we just get married next weekend dear??

next week, i will be super duper busy. External auditor will be in the house!!!!!expect less of my entry ya.oh ade orang baca ke??haha.damn it. nevermind i write as like for myself.

so bloody hot. need to take my shower.

see u again!!!

think twice or no ?

i found I.C yesterday. lying at the corner of the road a glimpse, i wanna take that and return to the owner...but silly me said "how u gonna return?u dun even know the number"

i passed.

came back home, felt guilty.i asked Lita what should she do if she was in my shoes?

Lita: Of course i will take it and return to the address stated. why u never did?doing some deeds.simple also must teach you? Me : -______- Lita : pity her if someone with bad intention took her I.C......oh God, save her! Me: silent.tried to watch TV. Lita : never mind. hopefully good people like me will return it. dun feel that much of you can be charged if you keep others' IC. Me: =)
deeply in my heart i'll pray that she will find hers....for me..please IC..dun be loss.