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4 pm @ friday

i am quite sleepy now..ZZZZZzzzzzzzz...planning girl out with Nora and Lita.tapi paham2 la berjanji dengan tunang2 and kekasih2 orang. last minit suke cancel.wa stressss.tapi hari ni Nora cirit birit kata the show must go on ke tidak ni..

so what r u guys up to this weekend?have fun and be fabolous.

yes.i will having fun alone.


i scored another exam under SPA.again.i want to highlight that i am not a very dedicated person when comes under exam since my last final exam in uni. plus i can easily frust.i was frust during my last time PTD exam.very.much.sad.

i put my effort and du'a alot.but still the red line appeared when i checked on the website.

maybe i should give moooooooreeeeeeeee effort this time?

seriously, i dun know what to read.during Uni exam, it was pretty hard even when we already knew the scope will be damn hard when you dun even know the things that will be as an question.left alone i sound like giving up before try, am i?


today office look very lovely. everyone is in purple or pink cute.we have potluck.since most of the staff are from Nogori Sembilan,can u guest what my stomach feel now?

omaigod..i drink cuppas of green tea.itu pun tak hilang pedih haku.i eat while crying. sodap tu memang sodap tapi den tahan podehhhhh..sobssss..


do you know Aby has…

all about the big W

Fahmi is for sure a cool dude ever.he has a wise thinking of almost many things- ecspecially when it comes to our upcoming date, wedding gift, wedding errrrr...dresssssses..he has a very simple view and involved in the very cool way.i am the one who most of the time being complicated and unwise.

recently, im worried Fahmi has transformed into my bizzare-wedding-jitters.he has some sort of gross dream- complicated situation and everthing WAS in mess. he told me about it and i thought thats all regarding to MY complicated personalities.

i showered on him my problems and he absorbed it.finally he become complicated thinker (like me).god forbid.

but i am be Grateful to Allah the greatest as the major matter has been almost settle.alhamdulilah.and day by day i could make a wise n sane decision about the entire wedding.i can be coolest dude too, anyway =)

i feel released when i have made up my mind about what kind of things and how is the flow of my wedding gonna be.…

cheer up

my handphone is so brilliant nowaday.its has new function automatically can on and offline itself plus go to silent mode whenever its feel like.

last night was THE NIGHT.the handphone went offline by itself without i realised. bila sedar2 je rupa-rupanye i got alot of missed calls.haiyooooooo!!!you know, Fahmi was on the way to check what happened to me when i called him back.

when the fact is i am fine and i am ordering MCd value dinner meal and argue with Nora why they still charging at the same price.

im sorry darling,should take a good care of my hp now and forever.errrkkk i need new phone you see.can i?


i couldn't walk properly this few days.i fell down otw to the meeting..see my leg also refused to join the meeting.*over plak o_O

it was because of my sky heel.stupid me. i walked so fast that i can't control my leg.i should have learned how to walk properly with high heel on.i have sprained my ankle 3 times.i have decide that no more stilletos coming in.

but the question is the first one i had sprained ankle was way back in Uni year.i fell down during junggle night walking.terrible me.the second time was when i wear my black stilletos during Nisa wedding, which i became bridesmade.the third time was few days back with the same shoes.ok  izzit because of the shoes??it doesn't tally the safeness of the legs.

i think so.

its time to buyyyyyy alotsssss of ballerinaaaaa


it is nicer if i could owned a red delicious stilletos..mmmmmmm.. 

last nite sweetheart brought me to repair my foot. i was scaryyyyyyyyyyyy.i hate the part when they pull my leg like i am a mannequinn.u ca…

pinky sweetie Soap and Glory

i always change scrub..i dunno.i have this mentally unsatisfied with all the scrubs that i've tried.pricey and also the cheapos. the latest one is Multiactive Scrub by Garnier.i have it for a month and i did not see alot of changes on face. maybe i could use it for body later. another one was Clarin. some red little little acne.

after scouting around, only rite after i make up my mind to breakup with Garnier, i went to Sephora KLCC.but the review said Sephora Starhill is more happening.izzit??i never go there btw.i like the fact that sephora bring to our shore some new newbies.its time to get my hand on babe.

for me, i love to tried the in house brand - Sephora itself.last few month i bought make remover but only started to use it few weeks i think i dun need remover. enough with liquid gel cleansing.but as i went travelling sometimes, i opt for triple cleansing water from Sephora. its easy to need to wash and after second swipe, i feel my makeup bygone.t…