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Umrah with baby

Happy Belated Birthday to meeeeee!!i was late in posting birthday entry, i know.but what can i do i was awayyyyyy doing this:

no no no.don't rub your eyes yet. i was performing my umrah for the first time and i don't have words to describe it.everything was so mesmerizing.could consider as brithday present also.alhamdulillah.

we went there altogether with Baby D.yeah sure there were bumpy but its alright as long as i have my loves one around.i am happy bunny.

so, friends keep on wonder how does it feel to perform umrah while holding your 10kilos baby and his be honest about that,i gained muscle from that, tired and take alooootttt of patient.i mean like triple alot.

if you asked me,would you bring your baby along my answer will be yes and no!!

yes simply becos i wanted to included all the family members into the that i wouldnt feel mising and longing (read : clingy mother here).i wanted him to experience something different.

no becos its halfway construction and i…