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i just need yellow egg separator

this morning i think i am quite free to help Niza to find some electric appliances for our friend's wedding gift.

so i went to Lazada.Click kitchen appliances yada yada microwave yadaa yadaa..pick one..and then goes to toaster side, pick one..okay im done.

and then i remember i need to buy some educational toys for Ali (all toys are educational too rite?).picked one.two.three.removed one.and add another 2.okay im done.

and then i saw one advert of storage set which i fond i add to my cart.okay quite good.

all of them will be delivered next week.

oh and not to forget i NEED yellow egg separator.JUST i'd typed the keyword..tadaaaa all kind of egg utensil came out.okay i will picked the moderate or the cheapest as it is just about egg rite.add to cart..DANG!!!the delivery time is approximately around 30 Dec - 3 January. OMG what takes you soooo long to send my only-thing-that-i-need-and-its-only-cost-RM10 thing?

out of 10 egg separators,none of them will be delivered next…