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the things that i do not know : vicks

i am sensitive whenever my kids fell sick. especially my second born son.Compare to my eldest, he consumes breastmilk longer, so he'll be protected alot more least to my thinking.
unfortunately he is not. he was caught by a coughing bug at the tender age of 3 month. how heartbroken i was, can you imagine.
now he's no where run from the coughing series. coughing followed by phlegm is another serious business. up until 11 month, on average , the series repeated once a month and lasted about 2 weeks.
we went for treatment, but seeing his activeness level and other factors, doctors clarified as mild bronchilitis, it will get better as he aged. he even warded once because he experienced mild croup. 
i read alot about this, besides asking the doctors' advise. here my share:
1. he was prescribe singulair for one month period. before that, he took the oral for a week or two only. but the doctor later stretch the time to see any improvement. i noticed after a month ending, he e…