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Wukuf Di Arafah

few years ago, i remember that my dad told me that was the day of Arafah.and he told me with full of expression.and..i half-heartedly understand with some argument within me.why my dad was soo emotional with the Arafah Day.

fastfoward,i now understand the feeling,ecspecially after i done my first Umrah. like i really follow Tabung Haji facebook for the updates.touchy feeling everytime i saw their haji pictures. very eyes gone teary when the crane toppled. do you watched the video of the 2 kids who were playing around their mother and died in a blink of an eyes because of the crane crash onto them? heart sunk.they are really kids from heaven.stay there peacefully babies!

and today is the Wukuf Day which is happen at Arafah, near Jabal Rahmah.i went there last time, with maybe 1000 of people. but today itself, the Arafah will hold about 2 million of people, its like the vast sea in human version!!pray for their safety .

to All of the pilgrims, stay stronger, behave …