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the longest Friday

Im not in the mood to work today..just not in the right mood as something happened to my son.and this momma getting sooo sooo unsatisfied and sad and angry and many more emotional issues.
today is friday, where usually offer and discounts online keeps on popping up.but im not just into buying today.but i hope it is only today, as my list is veryyy long ;p
So what happened to my little man??
he got bruises on his face, at the left cheek..and also like 4 to 5 scratches.also at the same cheek.OHHMMYYY thats breaking my heart.i cried when i first noticed them.and i have like thousands of question about it.Did he cry?did he got bullied? or did him fall? does it pain?why does the person so ruthless to my son?
and i came to the (maybe) true story..this one 5 yr old girl was in defends of her baby sister when Daniyel try to pull her hair/try to do something. in my disbelief, D never do something like that as far as i know. I did not say my son is an angel boy but he has never done that when with …