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how time time flies kau cakap?i have enough time this year.a memorable one.dislike peole say,life is fair after all.we have ups and downs,we've been thru thick and thin,we cry and we laugh..but thats life.if that wouldn't happened you would't be where are you isn't that fair?to taste the bitterness and sweetness of life and make who u are today?
as past years,i have list of wishing to start the new year with.and this year,as i am grow matured (ehem ehem) i just wanna enjoy my life as it is.accepting whatever happen and try to be a better muslim,daughter,friends and lover.
thanks to Allah for giving me another chance to live.i'll make good use of it.

terima la kenangan terindah untuk 2011:our engagement =)

happy new year.wishing all the best for all of us!!


Julia's review

i've seen someone is reading Julia's entry. the truth is i left it at Ipoh for a month and then take it back with me.

im using it on and off.whenever i main purpose is to lessen my acne scar at cheek.masa bertunang haritu ade gambar yang sgt jelas mengenainya.oooo i hate that.i would like to show you here but it only appear more clear on the album because they enlarge it.and put as second big pic -_____-

for my skin, it does hydrated.but as the engagement picture proof,it isnt lessen myscar.ok..maybe becos it was my fault of not consistenly using it.but when i first bought it, i used it as routine before sleeping,for about a month.

and now about half a bottle left.

one thing i noticed about this oil is it can protect your skin from acne as well.but beware to those with oily skin type,do not over apply it.or u will ended with oily face the next day.sapu senipis yang mungkin,ngerti? i wonder why acne keep popping out at my nose and chin.maybe its time to reuse it??

27 on 27th

really?have i told ya i will turn 27 on 27 January?i feel nervous all the way now and on.i dunno i feel a butterfly inside whenever thinking about it.izzit that nervous to hit the two seven?
as usually i already give hint to Fahmi.i hope he's understand no matter he pretend to not listening and comprehend it.bagus.
and as usually,i broke whenever my birthday month is nearer.weird.last birthday becos im saving duo to my new place and new job,which is i have to survive.on that time i desperately need new shoes (ye la tak pernah tak desperate nak membeli ;p) you know new shoes to boost confidence =)
next birthday, what do i want,i mean obviously really want.i want to get married.tehe.when i was a teen, i always want to get married on 27January when i turn 27.that was to cute of me i guess.
now my intention is to quickly get married.boleh ke boring la dating and habiskan duit and in the end kene start kumpul balik.just get married and kumpul duit unt…


internet connection really dun do the justice for me.first at home now at they only want me to focus on my work work work.

when i was at Ipoh home the connection only getting better on the few days before i head back to KL. and then come to office, the internet are super slow that i have to call the Unifi.but unifi reluctant to take it as their responsibility and point out to the contractor.i already call the contractor but they do another great job,didnt come all nor call me back after few days.

i ended up last week focusing on my work and sleep while lunch.doesn't this grrrrrrreat??

please say it so.or at least calm me down baby.

Sweetheart proposed that i shud buy the latest gadget thingy (read as ipad).so i can online whenever i could do so.but honey,i don't constantly on virtual while im doing something else (read as grocery shopping or picking up another new eye shadow or gossiping with my girls). and i dun know how other people can do that.i have to sit back…

holiday blank

i got nothing to mind become blank after a week of holiday at Ipoh home.i lurvvvvvvvvvveeeee it.come saturday i have to head back to KL.ermmmm so long doesn't see him.hopefully he's alrite.and be as sweet as he is.omg now i miss him >_<

*garu kepala

i realllly blank nowwwww!!!!see ya in the office nextweeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



my status in fb: to fahmi - kitew raser nk tgk puss in boot larrrr..kitew pegi midnite nak..windu sama owang tulaaaa..dorunk smue dah tgk.kiter jeles lar.hik3

(muntah darah)
Fahmi: baiklah caYUNK mUah mUah.... (rse nk pjak diri sendiri)
me: bahahahahahahahahahaha
masa ni aku mengantuk + boring

2-3 mggu ni aku banyak la dengar isu pasal pengunaan bahasa melayu yang semakin karat ni.i tot this happen to 90's babies.well my sis is one of them.pernah sekali baca mesej die.serius juling sekejap.rasanya dalam 2 tahun lepas kot. bila baca "aq" terdiam jap.what is this mean?ooo "aku".fine.i am expired already.

tapi bila adalah entry2 pasal penggunaan bahasa ni masuk akal jugak.tapi kan bebudak zaman sekarang ni pandai2 la.banyak sangat yang score.tu yg jadi takde kerja buat msg mcm tu kot.cuma jangan msg dengan aku la.sure aku baling kasut bile jumpe. (tak bleh baling hp,hp sekarang harga gedegang ok).

motif aku tulis entry ni sebab aku mmg tak suke la bahasa kerapu mcm t…