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masih waras

i might get nearer to crazy,god forbid. now i am worried that my wedding dress is not elegant and pretty as i want.i am doing all those accounts thingy plus the auditors outstanding matters, but they all doesn't matter.on top of the list is my dress and his.

adekah smua bridezilla begini??

wedding update

malam-malam dah tak mimpi baju tak siap and tak de make up bagai..tapi end up mimpi hantu plak hari2.@_@ apekah??

i really wanted to end this soon.nak kawen esok boleh?but as wise people said, do cherish the moment =) i am trying wehuuuu..

so janji manis nak settle kan listing hari tu let see the progressssss..sessshhhh!

preps utk July:
1) tempah baju nikah/sanding ~~~dah tempah. 2) tempah baju raya -_____-" ~~ nanti pegi beli last minit.mcm biase 3) confirm kan catering/khemah~~ mak n ayah saling tak stuju. 4)confirm kan pelamin/makeup ~~ belum kenpemkan lagi. 5) discuss goodie bags ~~ blum lagi 6) confirm kan kad kawen ~~ blum lagi 7) cari baju tema utk famili ~~  belum tempah 8) kurangkan shopping online -___-" ~~ memang sentiasa droooooolll ;p

banyak lagi tak buatttttttttt!!!!!!

joke or no joke

today is no joke.everything keeping loaded to my mind and hand untill i want to pengsan. trust me i will never ever could go back early as i wish.what to eat today????i dun want to berbuke alone inside this office.

happy monday to u 2 -____-"

btw selamat menjalani ibadah puasa =)

dont forget to remember

Lynette of Desperate Housewives,tossed over wedding speech is the words i never forgot.
Lynette said - .. Your wedding is one of the best days of your life. Because it’s the day you realiseI finally have the thing I need to be happy. And then you forget. So then what happens is instead of waking up every morning and shouting Somebody loves me! You start looking around and thinking What do I want now? What’s the next thing I need to be happy? So, you look and you look and you keep thinking that you found it. But nothing works.. because that hole in your heart that you’re trying to fill is already filled. You just forgot. Don’t ever forget. Always remember how much you wanted to be loved and how much you are loved. And I think if you can do that.. you will stop looking and realise you already are happy.

review kasut christy ng

im a bit disappointed yesterday. as much as i wanted to go to the Christy Ng's shop, i failed to amuse myself. 

this i my personal view. i am sorry if it hurt.

located at Uptown Damansara, u can find the shop at the 2nd level of the my surprise, as i think it will be located at the ground floor for easy visiting.nevermind.

step in, i was welcomed by a shouting from one of the staff to another staff , "there's customer outside!".she pressed the lock to unlocked the i was directed to a small room of shoes.i guess my bedroom is larger ;p 

i prompted myself to take the shoes and try..omg the sales person warned me not to try the one which doesnt suit my feet.i wasss likeeee whattttt?never in my life i got such warned even i was in charles & keith. can u nice2 telling me ha?

looking at the material itself,compared to the hike price, i reaaaallly dun give a damn.or in a nice2 word, memang tak sesuai la material verses harga.for the same price u can get…

wedding : dress & pelamin


hari-hari sembang nak update blog pasal wedding tapi tak update jugak sebab tatau nak start dari mane.ok la kite start dr bende yang paling PENTING iaitu baju pengantin.hehe.

secara seriusnye saya tak penah beli majalah pengantin atau ape2 yang berkaitan dengan kawen la in short. nak beli tapi mcm malas and membazir kalau baju semua tak suke and tak de satu pun yang saya nak copy.boleh?so hari2 saya google blog sampai muntah hijau and decide design mane yang saya favour d most.memang banyak.tapi jangan risau all bride to be sebab in the end you all akan jadi penat and quickly make up ur mind bile dah ade kat butik pengantin.


ini haruslah ditentukan sebelum survey butik. tak payah la nak keriau dekat butik nak plih kaler ape.

for me..masa decide kaler tu memang la off white utk nikah,tapi sebab mase plih kain tu..sanding nak pakai bronze alaskan gold,jadi kene lupekan off white and plih kelabu putih.

maka hasilnye

1- nikah - kelabu + putih -----> nak bunge tangan kale…

G & B

hv u ever watch Guliana and Bill reality Tv shows?i am!and i feel connected..chewwaaahhh..when it was airing last year, for the first season, i just watch it for nothing and without feeling and keep wondering 'why this girl is soooo over skinny'.i never get enuf of that.
and this season, i cried when i watched the first episode - the compilation of how she founds out that she has breast cancer.and how she deal with the first moment when the doctor breaks the words.u have to watch it! 
apart from other reality show (especially the K families) shows nothing but how their lavish life.currently when i watch G&b i could feel this couple can conquer the world. her hubs, Bill soooo positive and positive. never in my life i found such guy (until i found F ;D).he is always there for G and keep the positiveness and joyous to her.even if the heart break time.
and for G's part, i could see she is such a courage woman.she is brave, outspoken ,witty and full of bright colors.she makes …

dear diary:so called Monday and old friend

today is mOnday..I always prays Monday will love me and i will u back.for sure..but not today..we hate each other in fact.

i wake up a bit early today, becos for the whole weekend i keep thinking the mistake that i made and i need to correct it soonest (when im not busy eyeing and wooo-ing at the mall). i hateeee that.thats why i wake up early and off to work, catch the phone and straight away make a call.

inside, i have period pain.period, i tell you never been easy on me.i have awful pain but i have to pretend i am ok becos i was juggling between works since morning. hani n niza were so eager to swallow KFC.mcm dah takde hri lain.

come back from KFC, i feel the pain again.i hateeeeeee this pain.

btw...yesterday..i almost lost my old friend.

at RNR.i left it after i pray.

so drama.F has to make the longest u turn ever.and me??i had to tear my ears as he was nagging non stop. do u know i cud never escape the thing that i trying to avoid from my mum?yes nag.

i have to prepare cotton bud…