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Kasut Christy Ng

i believe, most of the entries i post,Review kasut CN is the most popular post among all of you buy or not?i am curious now.becos i have one commenter said they opt for another how bout the rest?i need to know hehe.if you bought it, how does its feel?comfort?affordable?gorjes?how about the material?

happy tuesday 

marriage:semoga mendapat hidayah - Nya

1 week and 5 days
whoa whoa whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...reallllyyyy???
what are suppose to be my feeling? i hardly answered myself. 
obviously i am happy..will be married to the man of my life after 4 yrs of courtship. Joyous as i will face this unknown future with F ,insyaallah.he will be my imam, my partner in crime, my friend, my advicer, my lover,my all.
deeply i am sad..i will be leaving my family and devote to my husband.will be missing my home and bed in Ipoh so much.
i am nervous,who are not? alot of tedious things are staring at me now.i have to pack 3 for Ipoh reception.second for honeymoon.third for F side reception.dulang still not finish with the decorations, house in messssss, cloth to iron,tdung for nikah...
after all, i believe these are the mixed feeling of al the b2b.i will face this and look back and embrace myself of doing it.
semoga semua nya berjalan lancar.amin.


Both Me and F always wanted to be on diet. For F it's of cos about losing up some weight (fat). he gained weight since ever we meet!
me?i am naturally slender. i am 166cm , 46kg.i could be classified as thin or underweight.and last 2 weeks i shed another kilo.thats worrying me alot.some people even suggested to give that white coat profession a visit,which is unfavourable to me. who like to admit sick and voluntarily see doctor?
so i believe myself is in good health.amin.
i have another concern that scares me allies. my seafood and peanut allergic is going up  to another phase. thats worrying. last time i ate 2 prawn and i have redness on my face. luckily i am (quite) clever to overcome this mild situation.but the redness left some spot on my FACE.thats sooo cruel to bride to beeee!!!!!!!!!
so there things goes. i am on diet from seafood and peanut for this 2 plussss i shud lower my intake in oil-base meal.whats left for me?only soupy -______- double cruel.
however Hani came…

secret wish (es)

i always have secret wishes for my wedding gift. they once told me never tell anybody as it may not come true.but i just write rite?hehe

1) steam vacuum
owh god!!how much do i need this and keep talking to myself that i need to owned one!so it is wayyyy better if i received this one as present.hehe.

2) necklace with my name
i realllllly wants this since i was a kiddo.but mum doesn't permit me to do so.i dun even know why.maybe its does look like a nametag?fortunately, Mei Kim gave me as advance wedding gift ;p come true sometimes hehe

3) honeymoon package 
in Venice!needless to say.

4) set of make up 
can i regard this as wedding gift?F will confront me later.haha.

5) tree for bags
u know??the tree-like to hang on your bags.awesome.must have it!

I have been stressing alone lately.stress hormone came out from underneath haunting me.of cos its stressful and scary.i must update my wedding list now!

btw next week will be the final week before i take looooooooonnnng break for my wedding…

wedding :list

owh another 3 weeks ya?why time flew so fast?btw i am busy juggling between works and meeting friends to present my invitation.its so joyous of me when meeting the girls. we talked loootttts.i realllyyy miss my good old days.

Mei Kim, my bestie who is currently out of the country, send me an advance wedding gift. i can't wait to see it!!!!!!!!i want to check is there any F's name on top of it.if NO mean its allllll my mine.hehe.btw thanks a bunch to her.

things got crazy lately, of cos when i met few friends, they brought up their tragic wedding was scary. like nasi tak masak, baju tak siap etc..can't describe it properly though.

semoga semua nye berjalan dengan lancar.amin.

i would like to update my list.

stage 2

1)Tempah mak andam - done
2)Tempah photographer- done
3)Tempah Dewan/Hotel - buat kat rumah
4)Tempah baju nikah - done
5)Mula beli barang-barang hantaran- half way
6)Tempah PA system/Kompang - belum
7)Tempah lokasi honeymun-done
8)Tempah katering - done

stage 3

Adam and Hawa

blame it on work pliling, i dun even have sometimes off to share things get bore, blame it on hormones,i choose to watch bit of Adam and Hawa.thanks to the comotion in fb's status,pinky allies!

i dun follow the drama series nowadays. i doubt why but now i know why.they are all cliche. and for me it is very important to watch the first episode.from there i could half-judge about the entire series.ok let give a chance to watch the 2nd episode.becos, not every single time the cover of the book appeared loud and interesting, rite?

Im sorry, tho Aoron is so handsome and cool, i got nothing to watch in this series.i hate myself of being over estimate but call me the new generation.i demand for something new bebe. freshhhhh and bring me back my excitement like last time when i watch korean/japan dramas.

up until this moment i keep forwarding until 5th episode.i found i alone here?

i wish our industry grow up and expand!!!!

All Star Tribute - What's Going On

calming n soothing


i feel sick today.this morning i dun feel like waking up, dress and off to office.but i dragged myself.comforting abit. plus promise to buy new pant for tomorrow event.but i have to increase my saving not decrease!so i think better go to the event tomoro with my existing i guess??plus the blazer. it might be cool inside Hilton.

both of us, are excited to the moon now.we already created the fb event.but i lose to F since his confirmed going friends exceed mine.this is war!i must be sulking tonite.

i really miss my dearies. these are the group i really want them attend my big joyful day

1 -primary n secondary schools' friends.oooo god!!how much i miss them.i miss the ol days when we were young n free and have to focus on our exam.

2 - matrix. oh nooooooooo.this was the place lesson learned. i stayed away from Ipoh for the first time in my life (i cried on my first day tho haha).i learn bout friendship and life and many moreeeee.

3 - Uni.dun have to say anything.i miss everyon…

my marriage, their wedding

it has been 4 days since Lita left (to live with her bf). im doing fine.but im missing somebody to gossip with, to complain things.its hard to not talking when u feel like.i already settle with the cleaning part (becos i am cheating by calling part time cleaner service hehe) so watching The Voice is the second best things to do at night.i lurveeeeeeeeee Adammmmmm.muah.
but Xtina cleavage is really irritating at some point. can't she keep it?
lately, i have alotsa serious conversation with everyone - F, families. we have lotsa discussion even over small things like "can or cannot we stapler the goodie bags" conversation. i am the one who doesnt pay much attention to details (except for my dress). i tend to ignore some little things. doesnt meant little thing unimportant but it is too tiring for me to even take extra care for them.can somebody taking charge of it?
yes it my marriage. its my marriage but their as a group.think beautifully and keep self-sanity all th…