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for my 20s allies!

i am in my exact 30s now.and i would like to tell myself on my 20's on what should be done. or putting in a to-do list.
1) Never take loan for study purpose. or if desperate enough,just take the fees part.and then work on your daily expenses.Life as a student is hard.Just swallow the bullet.
2) after you start working, go to holiday, many as you can and of course,could afford.
3) Save money even 50 permonth.i knew this sound ridicolous to safe bucks on first year of celebrating life and independent,but sooner u'll thanked my advice.
4)take life insurance/medical. this is the time when all the insurance agent will crawl up to this is the time which you'll pay lower as they calculated based on age.the more you aged the more its cost you.
5)buy cheap cars on cash.i know many of us have dream buying it on cash u could saved even more money.and you safe yourself from suffer every month because of the installment.
till then
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