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Dealing with toddler

ramadhan has making long way leaving us..and syawal is following it went soo fast huh? i still remember how i had to forced myself to pray terawikh and recite Al- Quran.

let make peace, and feel the now ;p 

such us our deep love?

yeah my boy! that little man take up such a massive place in my life. He is currently VERY VERY activate. one time during the *bedtimes chatting , he said "mummy, i don't want to sleep." what do you mean son? it was past 10 pm and your were still energised?what you made of? could gimme some?

*(and about the bedtime story..i never read to him..i know its sound bad but i do talk to him and doing some old jokes or at least sing his fave song)

handling toddler like him take a lot of patience. like if you are now having 1000kg of patience, you have to find another 10000000 kg!! its like digging moreeee and moreee good vibes in you HAHA sometimes you just have to make peace with your inner self, that toddler are definitely a GOD sent for positive …