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Sydney : for the loooove of the food'll find Sydney is a boring place.

everywhere you go, you'll find the almost same thing to eat - coffee, pizza, steak, fish and chip, ice cream, sandwich, and every western food u could passed.
give me 100 days and i am fat by eating fish and chips everyday.haha. F was so disturbed with the non halal chicken or meat that I had mentioned. F explained becos we were travelling, the hukum sembelih was not retained. its not that purposely disobey you darling, i was born being conservative,hehe.

 here are the best pick when its come to foods in Sydney.

1. Strawberry Pancake at Pancake On the Rock. Oh My..Oh Myyyy I loveeeeee this soo much that I could go back to Aussie one day just to have this yummy baby. it was big, creamy and moderate sweet with a little bit of salty. looking at the piccas, can u tell??

2. Hot chocolate at Max Brenner. F was having thick Italian Chocolate, mine was normal hot chocolate. The Italian, serving the purpose of the name, was real thick, chocolateyy…

29 !!

Haaaapppppyyyy birthdaaaayyyyyyy to me =)
nothing could beat the starting of your anniversary day with a husband's dish. thanks Hubby. such a wonderful person you are. helping me in the kitchen, do the laundry when i am too exhausted, massage my puffy feet..oh you are totally made from heaven =D
for this memorable birthday, i would like to announce to my baby, he/she must be so lucky to receive alot of present yesterday instead of mummy.never.mind.
nothing i could ask for this time, except for the safety and smooth delivery of a healthy and happy baby.dear God, please make my wish come true.

to me..Happy 29th birthday.

29...sweet, salty or plain bitter

it has been loong hiatus.
menjelang usia yang 29 tahun pada 27 January akan datang banyak yang berlaku pada bulan nie.
kerana usia yang makin bertambah kah? atau sememang nye hidup nie penuh ujian utk kite?
atau...supaya kita bertambah kuat.supaya kita bertambah keimanan kepada-Nya.supaya kita tahu bahawa apalah maksud gula tanpa garam.*tiba-tiba*
hidup selama 29 tahun (hampir -___- ") banyak memberi saya peluang utk merasai banyak perkara dan mengenali ragam manusia.menangis, tersenyum, excited,KECIWA, sengsara semua nye ade di dalamnya.mengisi kehidupan saya.
semalam baru sahaja rase sangat keciwa dengan kehidupan yang dirasakan tidak adil.tetapi bukan kah hidup ni ade up and down?ade ying dan yang?tapi kenapa ade orang yang saya lihat sentiasa up dan tidak pernah down (dlm contoh kewangan contohnye). 
2 minggu lalu kereta baru saya telah mengalami accident yg agak is very sad and traumatised to recall.sampai sekarang saya masih boleh mengulang dengar bunyi dentuman itu.samp…

Week 31 - loves and reflection

sangat pening minggu ini kerana:

1) close account 2013
2) rasa perut makin besar dan tak larat berjalan/berdiri lama
3) takde baju nak pakai
4) rasa makin lapa setiap masa

banyakkan omelan comel ibu mengandung ni.tehehe

feel like time are ticking quicker than ever. can't u believe it 9 weeks to go?whoaaa make me so strong. we both are strong =D Loves you baby.
if last year, my entries were flooded by my wedding preps..this time its all about the tiny little creature that create a whole different things. it is so small yet it will teach you looooooooooottttttttsaaaa things - being strong, patience, hardwork and above all happiness that it bring, insyaallah.
Daddy and mummy maybe not a perfect role to be ur parent but we are striving our best each day on what we should do to give our greatest.
we maybe tad slow in preparing for you little boss. but look what we have for the time being:
1) Stroller (Auntie Nisa gave) 2) Cot (Grandma bought for youuuu) 3) lots of attire (bought by ur de…

January is back!!!!


2014 is here, bringing back January to us. bringing my Birthday too =D

wishing all of you a happy, marvellous, prosperity new year. its only day 2 dearie, dont you every betray your NY resolution.teheee

till then