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Random Monday

Today is Monday..and i really want to know in depth, who created Saturday and Sunday as weekend. why doesn't he/she included Friday or Monday into it? or else why doesn't he created one day off in the middlle of the week,so that we could achieved work-life-balance easily..or most important part, why he/she decided to make us work 8 bloody hours per day for 5 days?that makes 20 dayys or sometimes 22 days per month?
why so ridiculous lah.
i am really free today, you think?
actually, i just tired, mind and body and soul after many years juggling between office and home and the evil traffic jams!!!they sucked up almost 80% energy.oh btw who invented Car?i believe if she/he is still alive, he must be killing himself seeing traffic jams almost everyday.. the worst part when holiday comes *cries*
im complaining sooo much today that i might go and seek peace and forgiveness from God.

another 3 hours to work and another 4 and half hour to reach home -____-"

Shopping VS Saving

in the mid of this buzy-ness, suddenly im thinking of my shopping habit.
If i could save RM400x 12 months = RM4,800. i got yearly of 4k plus bebeh. so this is already May and suppose i shud have 2000.
*check bank account..* cries a bucket.
i dun have that amount in my saving how does all those GURU asking us to save,save,save? when the fact that we hardly save? i only knew few people who REALLYYYY A BIG SAVER!!!few.can count by fingers! ----> look at husband.
there's always SALES pop up every where.the things that we must clarify with our self.SALES are not REALLY a SALES.and it doesnt happened only once or today is the last thing (like the salesgirl ALWAYS said)
sometimes it is not sales. they just changing the price tag!!!
so rules no 1 ; make sure it is really a SALES.meaning, you have to be aware of the price of after and before. not only by seeing the sales/discount tag/advertisement.
rules no 2 : go with your wise friend/spouse. the one that will questioned yo…