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Headache and (maybe) natural remedy

Expecting new post from me? Nah u geddit what you asking for..wasting your 5 minutes in your life ;p
Woke up with the mild headache today which is not normal. i seldom have headache in the wee hours unless after hours spending time in traffic jams or mountain workload.not early in the morning.but when its come to Thursday morning it really not a big obstacles!
hahaa..because tommorow i'll be on leave..phew.
So i got headache now (as i am typing thisssss) and the pain goes to my left eyes  how you travel?? T_T
my brain said i could take tea as a remedy. which is i KNOW will not work.
i used to believe 100% on natural remedies. as i grow older, i found out :
1) Natural practise should be done regularly. meaning, you have to take it EVERYDAY BEFORE you fall sick/pain. as they wont work 100% fast and well to combat the pain/virus.its take loooonger times and effort to cure you. but the pain/virus spread faster than ever, remember.
2) Similiar to point number 1, you really don't …