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Week 39 : sabar

Sitting n leisuring at home is such a bless from almighty God.i could lazing around, check my inbox,clean up the mess,making breakfest for darling f and well sleep for a while without worrying my boss will ring me in the middle.ButBeing in this waiting game (as the blog always said) is sometimes a bit tough or errr verryyy toughhh.ecspecially when I think I should hv follow my to do list but then again looking at my growing belly,make me cut almost 80% of what have been listed.up until now,i read n recall thousand of tips for easy and (not so) quick delivery.i felt desperate now -___-Update on my week 39 and 2 days:- Current weight is 72kilo *cries
- Baby estimation is 3.2 kilos
- I lost appetite abit
- could feel the baby's is turning down. Rase geli kat bawah
- exhausted
And I couldnt sleep properly!!!almost cried in the middle of the night becos of my lower back was soooo throbbing pain.i need my rest but nothing I could do except putting more pillows around me.thats help a li…

Late pregnancy

Hubby is busy being master chef in the why not wifey doing some blog update with puffier feet than ever.Alhamdulillah,i started this pregnancy journey with only slight I told ya, I knew I am expecting during my week 5,just a week before ramadhan.its such a bless.but being a newbie and fasting werent a great combo.I felt tired almost all the time.only perfomed terawikh 2-3 days.other than that, I lay flat on bed after berbuke.I always prayed and asked Allah to grant me all the strenght in the world to go through the whole 8 month left,with some crying in between.Alhmdulillah, I complete my first phase of trimester and feel a lot better.And now I am,battling in my week 38 with heavier me and every moves are so wrong and painful.but I feel happier than nobody bussiness when little bulb are kicking and summersaulting.hehee.i can't wait to see u babyyyyy..i just have to bear around 2 weeks =DMum and mil keep on advicing me on what to do.i feel blessed.Nextweek…

20 days to go bebeh

What would u do if have less than 20 days before the D-Day?

asking me, may i have my sound sleep and better weather please?

the weather couldnt be any forgiven nowadays. you be in the wrong please with the material of clothes, u'll screw up everything.

on the different note, baby is now ready for delivery. the things that be lil bit nervous is how the baby will come out becos currently baby's weight approximately 3.1 kilos!!of cos i pray for normal smooth delivery.tho sometime the tearing and sewing part do scare me. last time i cry becos i can't imagine myself go through the maximum pain.

Just sharing,have u heard of this? 

however this is not true. read more about it here

oh btw, how bout my weight? i am currently 69 kg..blurghhhh..coming out faster baby, mummy wanna start dieting sooooon. 

Gestation : this journey

Pregnancy has brought me almost to the end. i will reach week 36 tomorrow. this journey, masyaallah,are so meaningful and remarkable for me (and F).i am speechless here, my heart are so full.
Baby so far, is doing greaaaatt. Getting very active by day and night. Mummy and daddy always wondering which look you will copied.hehe.
on the other side,mummy, always going ups and second i felt wayyyy better, another moment i felt very down and feet is puffy than ever, that i barely walk after few minutes in mall. gained 17 kilos guys *cries* now i know the fat-feeling.and now i know why people going over the board with slimming i know T_T God forgive me.
above all, i feel loved by everybody. people offer me seat, i could have what i craving, i could take bigger space as i like, i could go overboard with my feeling (and people will say, its are preggy) and i could have my breakies in bed.haha.i am so mengada.
i rotate less attire nowadays that i totally b…