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jadi kuat walaupun tak kuat

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from the birthday girl

each year of my birthday i will definitely post a thoughtful birthday entry. including today - the remarkable 28th birthday. here i am in a different position, as a wife and daughter in law.hehe.

as 28 yrs has passed, i am grateful and expressed my gratitude towards almighty creator for giving me so much beautiful things in this world.i am in return, is trying my best everyday to stay close to Him , in joy and tears, as life would bring me to.

to my family and in laws, thanks for accepting me and be my strength. i always miss the time we spend together. and my loves toward all of you are like river.they never end =D

to my darling husband F..its a wonderful to have you wake up by my side every see ur smile (and to hear ur nagging hehe) is the moment i treasure. i love u in every way u are.

to all my friends, thanks a lot for the wishes for me.its really make my dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!hopefully Allah will hear and grant our wishes.

to Allah..thanks for make my dream come true - …

plus 1

well yessss..i am typically busy with the reports that i forgot to blog but never ever forgot my birthdayyyyyyy is comingggggggggggggggg..wuhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu..i am getting a year older (and hopefully wiserrr hehe)

as ussual, i am broke.

i dun know what to buy for myself.

and can't even think what i want from hubby.sound so complicated.

a vacation maybe?

or a bag?

ooo yes i know..i want wardrobe and bag tree..sound so homie now?i love my home so muchos that i want to share my birthday present with =D

but i think not now..i need wardrobe with full new tops,can i?

happy monday peps!

Allita and Patrick

do u  still remember my  Iban friend Allita?i think i want to smack her down becos she terminated her fb so  i can't find any wedding picture of her.sob.
so i force her to email to me the pictures.but she only manages to email me a picture, which is i hate her the is so free that u could sent at least 10 to me.
but nevermind..i have forgive her strange behaviour becos she is 2 months preggieeeee..woot wootttt..
to both of u guys, hope ur baby will not be as kedekut as the mummy hahaha..joking.enjoy lifeeee,take care of each other and jangan lupa kemas rumah sama2 hehe.

hilang fokus

saya mengalami tahap fokus rendah dan cepat letih/ngntok sejak akhir2 worried.hilang fokus terhadap pekerjaan adalah sgt bahaya.tidak kira laaa ape2 bidang pun.

bila google, banyak yang saran kan penambahan dalam B Complex (sound so complex nowww).bila google lagi banyaaaaaakk sgt sarankan Shaklee punye.bagus ke?kalau amik B Complex jenama X tak bagus? mcm mana kalau dah beli Shaklee yg mahal2 tu tapi sama je effect dgn cap X.dahla Shaklee tu susah nak bli sebab direct offend ok.sebab selalu nya i mmg malas kalau kene beli direct selling.sebab susah nak dapat,lepas tu kene pakai orang tengah.i suke bg duit terus dapat sambil dapat tengok2 jugak secara realiti nya product2 lain.

google lg..mmg satu malaysia cadangkan Shaklee i rase.hehe.trima kasih atas cdgn anda.tapi kenapa tiada product lain2 utk buat perbandingan.


the azam bandwagon

hi peps!how is ur new year.hope urs is great and penuh dgn kesyukuran pada Allah s.w.t.bercakap pasal tahun baru kan, mesti u all ade encik azam kan?fine.i dun have any.

sebab setiap tahun azam mcm memang hampir tiada melainkan bila pay day.haha.berazam nak simpan sikit dan joli2 selebihnya.bila banyak keje plak berazam nak siapkan cepat2 setiap bulan sebelum closing time dtg membunuh waktu rehat.bila balik rumah berazam nak masak untuk suami.bila weekend berazam nak buat cheese cake.kagum tk?hehe.sila kagumi saya.

tapi tiba2 terpkir tak salah kalau ade azam tahun 2013.lets checkidaut azam tahun lepas....which is....nak enjoy kehidupan and.......i fail to do so.i feel stress and i cursed when bad things happened.tapi aku bertaubat lepas tu.hehe.and trying to learn from the bright side.

2013 punye azam ialah.....jeng jeng..NAK BERSENAM SETIAP HARI SABTU.wahahahahaha..gelak laaaa kuat2 hehe.tapi ini mcm terpanggil dah utk kembali bersenam.menguatkan otot dan stamina.tak salah kan kalau dah…


dear all

the ended of 2012 was amazing.holidays, leaves and not to forgot F's grandma passed away on the morning before we headed to the beach..not to forget just this morning, i lost my closest uncle.alfatihah.

to the readers who keep on emailing me about my dresses, i will blog about it sooon ok.give me some time.

not too lateeee.....happppy new yearrrrrr.lets make it the greatest year ever.