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Breastfeeding : the starter kit

Being a parent is matter how many times you popped.and being a breastfeeding mother is another hard occupation for me hahaa.its takes out all your ideas,energy and times (and money too) who said is as easy as attached and detach baby from boobies??

It is a whole new thing for me.for my first born,i gave up direct latch very early as my nipples were badly my episotomy pain.i just pumped out whatever left in boobies and feed him.back then i dont have resource to refer to.i dont know the existing of lactation consultant, the benefits of massaging my breast and nobody told me to hang in there like today's support group.

So with my second born, i am trying to gather as much as info that i could,learning and asking questions, looking for tips and be a whole lot patience.and this around i have lesser pain for my im on in this breastfeed game.

Breastfeed is different from one to another.for me it is quite difficult.i need all those kind of help. From massaging lad…