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HAppppyyy NeW Year!!!!

i think it is really saddened me in many ways of leaving 2015.

its ReALLy one meaningful and thoughtful year for me.

Wishing 2016 will bring lotsssssss of joyous that will overcome our fear and tear. and fill with brighter better in person.

semoga terus dimurahkan rezeki. amin.

Goooood Byeeeeee 2015. Gonna miss you!

Migraine - 7 days challenges

...well..not completed.after day 4, i totally forgot (because i was on MC) and then continued on day 5 and then i replaced with pear.

simply because i was running out of Apple -__-"

and practically i completed the 7 days *blush*

and after day seven..i ate apple again.haha.i am really a confusing person in the world.

so were there any changes that i felt?

1) after eating the apples (with empty stomach) first thing in the morning (second actually as i drink water first every morning. but that one considered as drink right hehe) i burped all the gassy fighting to come out simultaneously (while driving). maybe thats a good thing that migraine always be linked to gassy stomach

2)and then after reached the office, i will consumes my breakfast.and suprisingly, i dont feel too hungry even at 12 o'clock and i dont feel sleepy eventho i did not drink coffee.

3) what about my head?i still don't have migraine up untill now.just some eyes issue. i dont know if it is just me - every…

Migraine : Apple & salt

it is hard to admit but yes i have migraine. i have draft one post of it and still not finish haha.

and thanks to Ali's classmate mummy. She suggest to take an apple with salt every morning, with empty stomach. this trial run should have take 7 days to really proof the result.

and i had postpone it for few i am only at day 3 challenge.another 4 days to go!!!just asked nicely to your husband to cut the apple, pour pinch of salt and you could eat while driving.

so at day 3 , what is the different that i feel (or suppose to feel)? honestly ..erkk i did not feel any differences.migraine just doesn't come this month - all the bosses and upper level management are on off from office because of the holiday season, so there are less meeting and less migraine.very simple.

plus i am on caffeine and chocolate diet.i could refrain myself from coffee but chocolate..very susah you know.

and last time one of the lady masseur did advice me not to take "sayur sejuk" like cucu…

Ujrah VS Conventional

i got unsettled ptptn debt which is quite a daunting experience.hehe.and apart from keeping my hair longer as my 2016 resolution, might as well i add a small step of paying all the debts. because debt always be the debt right?

hence the topic today.

i remember some of my friends convert their loan to Ujrah. after doing some reading in internet, i found out some mixed review of confuse and confuse

so lets make some reality check on our own loan.

step 1 : check your ptptn balance through their website.

step 2: here to key in your loan detail and preferred loan period. this is a conventional method. after click "bina jadual", you will be lead to the schedule of payment. total up (manually) all the "bayaran ansuran".

step 3: also at the same page of the "pengiraan jadual bayar balik pinjaman ptptn". Look at the left sidebar. Under "calculator" click Ujrah.
Fill up the blanks. make sure you choose the same period as conventional.
total up the "an…


i must write something today as you could see my long hiatus.i am scratching my head wondering what to write..sooo lets talk about myself.haha. yeah,after you just heard about my son and husband,im in doubt if dont want to know about me. hellooo do you know that i'll be turning 31 next 2 months?yessss..i am 3 series guys.i left behind my 20s, with some pride,of cos!and with this hectic lifestyle, where times goes very veryyyyy fast, i'll soon realized i'd left 30s too (which make me FORTY whoaaaa) so whats make your life' worth every second? here my fair share: 1) spend times, like every little spare times with your love ones. i promise you this will be my favorite mantra of all. spend times with your parent, sibling, children, husband, friends. because thru times, people changes/get older/moves. 2) find a hobby.i am trying..i am trying =D 3) writes!!with all the technology beyond and above, jote down every special memories and be evergreen, lets scrapbook…