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Raya lagi

i drag myself this week for Friday..and its not heaven ok.when everyday wake up with the question "is it Friday?" is no way cool.orang pemalas je buat macam tu ok.

But finally friday is here.and i am so cool about it when i woke up early just to make the Friday wayyyyy better and well managed.but there is another but.i've got gastric today and im halfway to take my mc when later i refused since i am too lazy to come back with unarranged workload. thats no way cool ok.

soooo..hows you raya last minute prep?

tonight itself my mum will bake the delicious chocolate cake to bring back to my father's now (lunch hour) my sisters are struggling with the crowd to pick theirs attire as the custom made one arent ready yet.

since raya, insyaallah, on Sunday, i would like to wish all of you Selanat menyambut hari raya..minta maap salah dan silap...