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If you can't forgive, then you can't dance, you can't sing and you can't smile

The evidence of a lack of forgiveness is all around you: broken families, self-hate, guilt and shame leading to depression, huge amounts of anger, bitterness and closed-heartedness. You learn to live by ignoring this dark place without realizing how deeply limiting it is, how it holds back your joy and laughter. You point the finger and see the other person as the cause of the suffering, but you don't see how—by holding onto hurt feelings—you're simply creating more grief for yourself

marah nye saya sekarang nih!!!


what a nuisance..i hardly fall asleep last nite until 3 o'clock or more.the ticking keep me more pressure to put myself into sound sleep.and today i had account department meeting.and the meeting was too long and tiring.

but thats ok =) the accounts queries were over.yay!!at least for another month to sit again and answering those queries.its not tiring to reply for an answer that satisfied the director but to act on it is the most critical thing to be done.erkkk..and completely come out with another report..damn.

so after went thru the hurdle of the meeting we lepaking at the nearest nasi ayam take the deeeep breath.yola tu.i ordered the yummilicious nasi tomato.hehe.dah la lepak kat kedai femes dengan nasi ayam, pegi order nasi tomato plak.attracted to the colour i guessed.

i can be terrified most of the time becos whenever i order something differ the food normally frustrating.but this nasi tomato really make me want to tapau and bring home for dinner.giler mel…

when is...

when was the last time i saw you? owh gosh that was almost two months a go.

when was the last time we really had our hand-in-hand-together-left-any worries behind-moment?i hardly recall T_T

when was the last time i lay down in your arms and we both just felt the moment? it is long way back home to remember

when was the last time you kiss my forehead and asked for no worries? maybe at last time when we met

when was the last time......

i just missing someone readers.missing like nobody's business.not that we both just ignoring each others and set our feeling a side. the things keep coming up and up and up and abruptly and our times have its own limit that can't permit us to do so.and my weakness, i blamed sorry my bad.

and everytime i blamed him,as he is,he take the blamed with that guilty voice and texts.

owh and everytime i did,i felt like im the sinner of the game..gile keji

as we plan to catch up these few upcoming weekend,things come up again.he got big thing to set…