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Ramadhan Vs Syawal

i got this one imaginary blog in mind everytime i was alone or driving or just day dreaming, i would have visualising i am writting and posting an entry.

and never jotted down.finally when im about to write something i just lost my bloody ideas.i.hate.that.

So 2 more sleeps and we are about to celebrate raya. its not that we doesnt welcome Ramadhan, but the peak of everything is raya.i found a posting on facebook stated that Ramadhan-month itself was a bit sad and envy of Syawal, because for the whole month of fasting people are talking and preparing for Syawal.

is that the wise thinking or feeling?

for me, Ramadhan Al Mubarak is a holy of the holy month.which is verrrryyyy much pahala given even for a sen of give is a month where people go extra miles in doing deeds.

but not to forget,this month also, we are extra tested.extra patience,extra courages extra in positivity are much needed. Like me and my little family.we got very big tests.i cringe and cried and blame …