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crash dreams & jadore

after working,we went out yesterday. the wifey is in neeeeed of new purse.i have wear my old ones for 5 goods yrs =) jimat jugak aku ni dah koyak dan kuar benang tepi.
Hubby said i have to buy new purse.but you know, christmas-sales,year end-sales and all the time sales make me fonder of getting many things that i need ;p ya'know...working bag...flat shoes and flat shoes..sunnies (tho its raining season nowadays, the sun still shinesss..owhh)
i was wronggggggggg.the new not-appointed finance advicer dun approved my buying, dreams crashhhh.i only manage to bring home my new purse.
but nevermind..i already bought my new perfume last week.heh.lets welcome back my  long lost bestest friends........Dior Jadore *kiss*kiss*.
i guess u are wondering about my home rite?here's the list of must buying too:
1) shoes rack  2) wardrobe - i dun clothes can give birth!!!!!!!!!!! 3) kitchen utilities 4) handbag tree 5) dressing table

and alot more to go..

owh..tomorro..i have…

Konjac span

i bet i am the last one who knows bout this magic span rite?my problem is i always trust the beauty adv or bad.ecspecially when its come to an international brand.

you can easily buy konjac span at SASA for RM12.90. whenever i goggle and found some of the seller sell at the higher price at 30-35 per span.only for a span?no i dun believe this time.i beg to differ and follow my inner said.hehe.

so lets go to sasa nowwwwwww!!!!!!!

the dresses

i miss my wedding moment, i miss Bali, i miss everything ecspecially my husband.he's appeared more adorable when he was helping me with the laundry hehe.

so we have settle down into the new home sweet home.and all of our belonging either 1) neatly in the boxes 2) scattered all around.

last nite i was half away of the laundry,i am not worry bout them tho.i am more dissatisfied with all the unarrange things.i will try to do it slowly and hopefully WE could finish it by this week.insyaallah.part time cleaner of cos included ;p and i guess more wardrobe are coming in? =D

i have lotsa things to let start with my dress can we?

i have 3 of them.nikah attire, wedding dress and reception dress.i love every single of them in a different note.and yes i did not rent them.i tailored to suit my body becos i am too thin.

another one is my reception dress which greeeeeeeennnn.envy me please.finally i picked green for F's side.i love the vibrant and outstanding colour that it bring alo…


i love breakfast but u know how time ticking every morning?super dupa fast.even mandi kejap je pn dah jadi lambat the solution is breakfast at the office right.and of cos prepared by makcik nasik my friends and i could share some hit drama series and gossiping.  

however, the past 2 days since my first day of working,people keep on asking what did i prepared for breakfast for luvly husband?honestly just plain water.hehe.i told them.but they never believe its their problem.

later they asked what will F eat for dinner?i said maggie.they also dun believe in me.sigh.tomorro im gonna tell them i will prepare ayam tandori and beriani rice for dinner.added mango puding as dessert.

i hope they will b impressed -_______-"


alhamdulilah..everything has been settle.i will blog come back ya =*

no bride material

hi its me..i am backkkkkkkk!!!but for a while.i have sooooooo many things to attend to.i will get married in 3 days and i still can't believe it.every day i will make scene with F and i dun know why i have some sort of energy to do so.i am soryy, dear.
today, everything has arrived to my mum house waiting to be arrange tomorro.yeahhhh its quite crowded outside and inside.there are chairs, table, dais,mum's fav sofa.
ME?I am doing so-so.i can't believe i will get married, eventually.i try to take care of myself, but as ussual, out of stress, jerawat tumbuh la hadoi.kat tadiiii..please la jerawat not this begging u.
i had my first spa session on tuesday and the second will be on Friday. i better be careful with my face now.
my full attires are here.i sleep everyday with them,dun worry.
Fahmi will come on Friday, hopefully he could spare sumtime for facial.
what else?i can't think so much in hurry.see u sooooooonnnn..

jejari sejuk

today is my last day..ehem..its feel like im quitting my job but in a proper way as people nicely accepted to replace me on my absent, some with smile.some calling me Puan.

generally, the cores have been 1) completed 2) delegated 3) follow up mostly done this morning.alhamdulilah. 

let me feel the moment.............................

i feel cold at all my fingers.maybe becos i have new aircond installed?oh nooooooo..becos the weddddinggggggggggggg is coming up in a weeekkkk man!hopefully i wont forget to breath nextweek.