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first case : over the dinner 

wah tajuk gituuuu..sebenarnya mak and suami mak memang ade kontroversi (apesal rasa mcm susah nak eja). setiap malam tatau nak makan ape.bini yng mengandung ni kalau boleh tak nak makan dekat luar jer..tapi kalau makan kat rumah memang limited..telur..ayam..daging..
kalau nak variety gitu kene la singgah kedai which is mak malassss sgt2..satu: ikan/bahan mentah tak segar.dua: nanti mak pegi belek2 bahagian lain jugak.kan dah buang masa disitu?
lagi satu kalau jalan banyak2 mak akan penat.lepas tu siapa nak masak?suami memang la boleh memasak tetapi kadang2 mak rasa mak terel gitu, naluri keibuan.hahaha.masak sendiri puji
 second case : attire entirely not working
i can't fit my formal/working pants anymore, but hey my stomach is not big (yet!)..i cried (in my heart) wrestle with my wardrobe every single morning while fahmi was sleeping. i waking up super early becos it was disturbing to think what to wear everyday.

baju kurung? kain ketat.


lets dream, work, pray and hope  
when you become hopeless
you can always get in a jar


KKM and whatever in between

at some point of my life, im a confuse..or just curios .do my understanding and talking been digest and received to the particular person.sometimes its better to do the talking to the moon, it does not understand/hear/reply but u can just feel way better, becos obviously and it is a fact that it can't reply you. becos of the old lame song said so, we just followed!!!
my point is i have to make decision before giving birth. collecting information helped right in order to deliver the satisfying result? i always think my steps are the right ones,but not this time or just dun blame me, can't u?
my bestie went to the Hospital Besar Sungai Buloh to deliver her first son, which is to my joy as she said can be paid and enjoy my short vacation in (remember my FPP entry??).to my delightful, i called HSB to confirm about this.but guyssssss (*cries*) no one knew bout this.NON.ZERO.let say this is my fault becos well known FPP are only in Selayang and Putrajaya.
after did short mind boggling,…

things to ponder : kids nowadays

hello wonderland.
it has been long hiatus after hari raya. i was drained in dessert =D i had no idea at all what happened to my writing skill. they all gone!!!!
btw..i am in week 14 this week.i am happy, joyful, tired, nervous, anxious and overwhelmed..everything that u could feel.everythings.owh btw i have new shoes ;p 
my silent bring me to one question, how to raise children in the world today? basically, i am worried i dun have much time to spend with my precious kiddies.myself have very much worries on this matter. lack of spending time together drive us quite apart and leading kids to another way. to find some sense of belonging, perhaps.
let say they spend more time with allies. the good ones will bring her/him a positive vibes, which i will thanked them and God later.the black ones??they lead you to nowhere. i had seen few cases happened,its all becos of friends influenced.
everything always started form within, i believe. like a building, for example, it wont collapse if the fu…