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happpy birthday to F

ade la kebelakangan ini penyakit terbaru.rase gerun pulak tengok daisy path tu kat blog sndiri.another 2 months ++?? how fast times flies.hewhewhew.

btw, yesterday is the remarkable F's birthday.hehe.or i tot so.becos on normal basis i will get him anything that i fancy, but this time is vice versa. what he adores.its neither easier nor hard.

and i am glad he loves it (of cos) and he was dearie..Happy birthdaayyyy yaaa.i loves u and i always do.semoga cinta kita berpanjangan hingga ke syurga.amin.


Selamat Hari Raya from me

lets this raya bring us thoughtful memories =) Selamat hari raya to all of you.

Selamat hari raya guys!

Raya is just around the corner bebeh!!!yesterday bosses gave angpau.thank you bos!!!knowing me, i straight away went to the semua house to buy top.i was thinking the shop might have a sale.yela hari raya kan.kedekut betul.rupe2 nye tiada.

somehow..i was eyeing all the top shops there.i can say it is a second best choice.price range 79-100.quite cheapos rite.jumpe kedai2 ni sebab i pergi Osman untuk cari kain2 kwen hari tu la.i can say the quality is i bought one purple top.i might come back after hari raya to get another one.hehe.

nak cerita pasal butik..tapi malas pulak hehe.nanti la lepas raya. wishing all of you selamat hari raya maaf zahir safely.have fun and be gorjes ya.


lately, i imagine myself of being a wife and mum. at certain period, worry clouding me.can i be a better half to my future husband and good example to my future kids?and at the same time balance with my so called career?
if let say one day, in the name of family and love, i have to sacrifice my job,would  i do so?staying at home. taking care of the little children with messy home?and call my F every 15 minute to check on him? -________-"
checking myself, i promise to add alot of marriage stuff into myself- books, articles, talks etc .i have started it today!yippie.and i found myself quite calm and spare.
by now, i feel like its ok if you dun have the most lavish wedding dress or commendable table long as you have the most beautiful marriage after by adding the virtue in you.


ramadhan and raya and aftermath

hallo is last week of ramadhan.we will celebarate Hari Raya nextweeeekkkk..insyaallah.

i am so happy. maybe becos this is my last ramadhan as single?haha.not funnnyyy laa.i am happy becos of new clothes and foodie and meeting everyone that i miss.yehuuu.gonna pack my things soon.this year we will left Ipoh for Daddy's hometown.long time no see huh?i secretly miss u =*

however duo to few conditions, i am unable to take long leave like before. just one day only sob sob sob.i will started working on thursday guys!!(i think i might sleep in the office hehe and bring my own kuih raya)

on the wedding's note,alhamdulilah few arrangement have been confirmed!

1) pelamin design - ticked
2) make up & accessories - ticked
3) kad kawen - ticked
4) dulang hantaran - ticked
5) goodie bag - confirmed design

on the other note, we had past almost 8 months of 2012..another 4 months to go.hey NEW YEAR i can take a peek of u!

 8 months past, i realizes  time flew faster than ever. i felt like ye…

maid in heaven

today is the worst day version 3.i hate everything coming in - notification/office email/registered mail/in coming call.almost everything.

and i just realize i dun have bridesmaid a.k.a dulang girls for my wedding. i message few friends but no answer so down now if i dun have them as bridesmaids.i just hate now why i did not get married earlier so that all my girls are still single and free.

now left only few blondies. the rest busy chasing their little option left for me.

so who wants to be my bridesmaids? (dun worry u won't get fired)