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i was talking with my partner just now when he out of blue asking me to advertise himself at my facebook..crazy as it may sound, i acted cool,which is rare to me.i want to answer "xklaka ok".but instead i uttered the differ cool enuf?

man is man.

no matter how manly they wanted to be still on the hand wanted to be naughty as well. i know i sound unsecure enuf but is it ur man can love u until u feel secure in his deep bottom heart?sumtime i feel the other way, tho he doubt it.

do have any ideas when ur man talk about 'madu'?

honestly..i hate it and i dun want to answer it and i want to pretend that the person spill the bean is not him,which is not.lelaki kan.mmg la suke bab ni.but for us,women,for me,we tend to feel that this is the heartbroken question that men shud wisely said and of course wisely acted.not only for the good of being "us" but in the same time,make you guys THING BEFORE TALK.