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its MONDAY yay!!!

im in the mode of please gimme some time and chance to elaborate my point wisely.
ehem..lets get started.
its monday no please don't hate him (or izzit her?).spare him (or her) some feeling.he don't want to be born as Monday too, but what to do.this is fated.meant to be.

"Monday" is stress too.becos people keep saying black Monday,monday blue,why today is Monday bla bla bla..doesn't ya'all have heart and feel pity on "Monday".give him some chances to be extremely joyous like his enemy,"Friday"-the most awaited day of all.
lets have some wonderful weekends such as : 1) lying in front of the tv, watching back to back episod until u fall asleep. 2) prepare some home food - the easiest one so that u feel successful and content. 3) clean your room.clutter ur wardrobe.makesure every little thing are neat so that reachable ecspecially when u in rush. 4) iron ur attire for the whole u won't feel burden or come to office …

uncontrol part 2

hari ni tatau kenapa aku sakit kepala kat office.malas bekerja.rasa hari ni nak disayangi je...(muntah darah ok).rasa nak call Fahmi je bergayut dengan die sampai bil office melambung.tapi apakan daya die tersgt la busy.jadi sila sakit kepala sorg2.aku ni dah gile bayang kot.
seriusly,we hardly see each other properly.mesti rushing ada hal keje or anything else that matters.jarang nak ada waktu yang betul2 lapang dan beramah mesra -_____________-.i just miss walking and talking to him >_<
teringat pulak masa 1st time date dulu. we all makan kat secret recipe.sampai terjatuh sudu garpu aku sebab gelabah dating.memang aku tak cool dulu.aku cuak ok tengok sang arjuna hati.haha.
tup tap tup tap aku dah jadi tunang die.masa die melamar tu takla seromantika yang disangka but i front of the mosque.he was quiet all the way to the mosque before he spill the bean!!guess he was busy figuring the words!!i still remember the sweet of you..and u r the man =)
sambung nanti ye =p…

uncontrol part 1

i simply dunno what exactly happened to me.i vomit..mual..pening..and finally i have period.doesn't that hilarious - to experience such thing lately.and im tired too.

Encik tunang being so worried this days about me - like i have loss self control.thats sound critical and no fun 26 y.o and i am able to handle myself wisely.

but what happen to me now?i fall sick like everyweek.and my monthly period pain is regular but now the pain increase with vomit and all in between.sound my life went haywire.oh no.nauzubillah.

what is pressuring me so much ha??lets chekidout.

1) over work
2) home sick
3) love sick

hahaha...thats too much mengada of me ya know.but seriously i really have to check myself or Fahmi will throw me in the rehab or promising centre (where i can meet britney or Johny Depp hewhewhew)

for now what can i do the most is trying to chill and relaxxxxx.but how to chill?? T_T

sekadar di pinggiran

binggggggg !!!!cuba teka tu bunyi ape 
sudah berjanji pada diri sendiri agar mengupdate blog.dah berkali igt kan im here now regardless of the time that flew offffffff...pffffftttt...
cerita 1 do u know now future employer/employer do check your laman social???i was deeply surprise when i heard about it for the first time.i was like "what?????" so...pleaseeeeeeeee be much aware of what u put or say on self check twice before you doing any update.or more easy peasy just use another name.brilliant?
cerita 2 raya is just around the corner.horayyyyyyyyyyyy..i love famili gathering and trying to be gorjes as well.dun forget that.hehe.
cerita 3 why do photographer always delay in giving all the piccas??i hate to say.but everyone has their own responsibility and job,so can't u do urs instead of the very tremendous amount that u pull from us?now u know why my engagement pics isnt in my hand yet.
cerita 4 Ena's wedding is almost here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!yeppppieeeeeeeeeeee.can…