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Baby no 2

erkkk..i am not pregnant again.i want to but sooo many things in my mind here just a thought.

i want another baby and obviously, a girl to complete.but thinking of it make me feeling butterfly all over my stomach.when i went into labor room for the first time, i was scared. scared becos not knowing what will happen to me. meaning i knew the process and procedures, but i never meet them before. So hello and smile for the first time.

but, thinking of going the same procedures again, frightened me lots. yes i am afraid of the things i already knew.just a flash of the needle,nurses,doctors,labor room make me cringe in the corner.make me erase my thought of having a second baby.

one of my friends said there is no right or wrong time.when it happen, it happen.isn't it?

so why worry in the first place? 


i have no ultimate motive of writing today.just my 2 cen.