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Badly coughing

My new year not started very well, my son fell sick and then me..and finally i was left with very bad coughing.the real bad i'd experienced so far.
you know, when u cough too muchhhhh,its hurt your head and abdomen all my throat become red and hardly ate.
i cries few times. just can't endure the pain anymore.

before the coughing worse, i got the mild ones.went to the pharmacy looking for something to doesnt do any help.
and the cough move to worse, as predicted, doctor prescribed with antibiotic. surprisingly it doesnt help at coughing still the same.
after finishing all the antibiotic, i went to another doctor, which asked me to just go back to basic:
1) panadol - to ease my inflammation and red throat 2) since i have phlegm in a week after, he prescribed me with flu medicine 3) syrup 4) no hot and spicy food 5) no ice
After 4 days, i feel so muchhh betterr. coughed less.