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missing you

When you feel cold and warm at the same time, When you read over the same line for the tenth time, When your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme, and when a simple name conquers your whole mind, then you are in deep trouble my friend. You are in what they call.............


Our bestie Niza will get married in 10 days time. so we have all this takpercayalaakunakkawen-chat 24-7.she is younger than me.ehemmm i dun feel offended btw -___- "
as we are living together and she is the master cook in our kitchen..she will be dearly miss for sure.Niza..make sure come home sometime to cook dishes for me.i will wait.i promise!!
and,i think because we talked alot about wedding, life and children (and scary MIL =O) i developed this one 1 kind of feeling that annoys me most of the nite.I MISS FAHMI MORE THAN USSUAL.period.
i try to find some reasons: 1) he is showering me with lotsa gift and hug every day answer: NO
2) he lives wayyyyy far from me answer : izzit 20 minit of driving c…

Preeeeeety VS Jelita

lets start the entry with this:
* * * * * * * * *

u know what i will say rite???
i reaaallly like the simpleness and elegantness of the dress.i fall in love with it. ot izzit perfect becos Lisa Surihani worn?*cry*
however, enuf words on her dress.
Congrats Lisa n Yusry!!!!! yay im happy for you. that you can ride Lamborgini everyday.hehe


lets go baby!

of anything in between

i dun have ideas to write actually.i've been juggling between that stupid bank statement untill i forgot internet.closer to the meeting day,internet connection went i focus solely on those statement until i my eyes dry.pity them.

too much when the meeting cancel without prior notice.i was worrying over nothing yesterday night.serve me right. i shud have learn how to stay calm and happy. (though workload mounting). officemate own an online boutique.izzit kewl??btw i just get my new top.peplum.yehuuuuuuuuuu.without postage cost, with discount, special delivery to my workstation.all i have to do is interkom.hehe...excited!!!i must be so pretty wearing it.errkkk i mean prettier than before.hehe. other officemate is kuih raya maker.god damn. her cookies are yummmmmmmy and cheapos.


on the different note...last weekend i went to Kinokuniya (izzit correct im lazy to goggle).how they got the name btw.not nice at all.i heard people said konikuya.…

the boring story

kalau la i jadi Yuna kan..mesti lagu2 i semue boring-boring belaka. atau pun lagu yang bersifat malas.then tak jadi Yuna la.maybe Yuniz??hehe.watever.

i have long weekend last week. i fell sick right on woooooo..sampai jer opis hari rabu terus zasssssssss berdesup buat keje.sebab ade meeting finance hari Jumaat.nak submit account hujung bulan kat auditor.harap2 dapat selesaikan semuanye.amin.

lepas meeting pagi tadi, aku sambung batuk2 (bajet banyak sangat explain masa meeting hew hew).pegi lunch.balik lunch aku kemas meja.buat keje sambil online.sambil pkir masalah dunia.bajet.

diam-diam ade client hantar kek SR.yummmmmiessssssssss.

esok cuti kan.oh i reallly needs my saturday.muah muah.the anticipating feeling sgt awesome.mcm dah 4 minggu tak jumpe sabtu.esok agak2 korang nak buat ape.aku nak buat pandai je.He is siapala saya tanpa dia.wakaka.ingat nak dating tapi i found out the truth that will hurt my money.....


my officemate has online boutiqueeeeeeeeeeeee…

jantung terhenti

APABILA kita bersin, umpamanya kita mati satu saat. Bila kita bersin, semua sudah berhenti. Jantung dan nyawa semua sudah berhenti. Jadi, bila semua sudah berhenti dan hidup semula, kita patut bersyukur dan mengucapkan "Alhamdulillah". Sebab itu bila bersin, ucapkanlah "Alhamdulillah" kerana Allah masih meminjamkan nyawa kepada kita.

- Dr. Fatma El-Zahra