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Lets talk about it!

im in a situation where obstacle came one after is really depressing that i against my rules to actually talk about it.which in many situation, in  past,i did not.

the day before,i was shivering hot and cold and the same time getting angry to the point of vomit blood.yesterday was the peak of everything. i become internally ill, that i think my immune system has dropped.i caught by a cold later that day.keep on sneezing, headache and feel restless.

i got friends. but their name doesnt appear everytime i hold my phone, scrolling the contact list.after soo much scrolling ups and downs, finally i remember my all time advicer, A.its not that i dun remember my bff or what, but i was veryyyyy disctracted by my crisis that i could even think of anyone dearest.

now i do understand why do people goes to certain degree, far form the actually self when depression coming in.

so i went to call her straight away.half crying and half laughing.she must thought i was so depressed that i acted s…