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still tak dapat berfikir dengan ade visitor dari pelbagai negara pulak kat cini.hehe.i just wanna say hi to all of the visitor.perasaan penuh kejap.
masih di office.bye.


hi! i just wanna say hi to my dear diary after few weeks went missing in action.i was way to busy with work and trying to balance with sleep.not enough sleep lead to stress and finally cant come into better solution.less focus.
im almost dying trying very hard to put both in place.i dun want to fall sick again.
but rite now, Saturday 2.09 pm im still stucked in work station pftt..and thats no fun.everyday going home at 10pm and still have to work on weekend - is a mental torturing for sure. me being stress out and need time out.still giving myself strength and thoughtful pieces in order to make the work,work.
my big ? now is "when will my work will be finish?" come.bring me some teh tarik!!!!!!


p/s: i will write in 2 weeks time.bringggg me more time pls!