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Baby being sick and nebulize

we came to a stage where D is constantly needed extra attention.apart from being his dedicated dietitian, i also came along to rescue him from cold and fever, as a medical officer -___-"

this medical officer has no big paycheck.

it is like D has constantly being sick after changing to new daycare,or i am tested for being a good mom or no -_____-

i know it is my wrongdoing as i overlook things.really missed to take precaution.

here's my fair share of tip that i collect:

1) make sure D's Nostril got shot by the sterimar every day - so that it will stay clear.minimize the culprit which will lead to cold and flu.

From F side, they are sinus this doesnt do any good to a precaution i should take above step.

2) Provide D with alot of zinc,iron and vitamin c(fruits.i tot i feed him enough??)

3) do you ever heard the story of Garlic Farmer's Family?Let me tell you. There was a family of garlic farmer living in a rural. one season, virus attacked. most of the pe…

Not So Little D

Finally i could blog but through my mobile phone.. So its time for not so little D milestone. 1. Currently is 9 month.weighted 10.2 kilos.height is 77cm.yes such big boy.
2. He has passed his reverse, crawling and sitting stage.he is now cruisingggg!!gulppp.
3. He is constantly teething.D has 6 tooth.
4. Eating well - all still mashed food.
5. Can copy whenever F or me making "clapping lips" hehe.
6. Hate to be alone.dislike strangers.
7. The cute part is,he will make an "ah?" Sound whenever he feel courious.we took it as asking hehe
8.i have this feeling that he is now experiencing growth spurt.he demands milk every 2 hour in the night.
9. He smiles and reaching for me whenever i pick him from daycare.
10.  His babysitter said he could cope with peer now and could play n laugh together.
11. He took his first neb yesterday which was vvverryyy heartbroken to mummy daddy.