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Detik Indah Photography

for the past few months we tried to contact our official photographer and its a no avail.i am frust, dissappointed and angry towards our OP DETIK INDAH.yeah with the company moto goes "detik indah anda kami abadikan" pfttttttttttt..

the owner or head of the crew Ridhuan Abu Bakar / Dhiwan can't be reach at all the time,maybe one or two time were exceptional.The assistant/admin, Jay only could be reached, but to our deepest upset and unprofessionally answered, he mentioned that he also can't get through Dhiwan. he suggested that we ourselve wrote an email to Dhiwan. what kind of system is this company practised?

we have sent bulk of emails, phone calls, texts. there were slow in replying followed by empty promises and nothing above many 'end of the month' being shove to my ears.its kinda bleed sometimes.but end of the month never come, obviously to us.
if all of are query about the payment, yes we did the payment according with terms.only left out few % o…



it was Monday when i post my previous entry..and now the anticipation feeling is ooonnnnnn..its FRIDAY dude.oh boyyyy!!!
do u always have planned weekends?or u just go with the flow?which one is exciting??
for me am not a planner.i am a free flow hehe. F is the one who well planned and stick to it even tho WE have to wake early in the morning (9.00 am is consider early -____-") or have to move rite after work which is tiring.
for this weekend i swear i have secrets mission.
1) cook buy nasik lemak. l always adore nasik lemak yang sedap hingga menjilat jari.done

2) bake cookies/cake -oh such a therapy. tp i am eyeing for so much cookies recipe for the past few days.maybe i shud give it a try?cake.done.

3) cari pokok.salam satu azam tahun baru..nak tanam pokok bunge teheee

4) nak masak utk suami =D done.we have food feast!

 tak boleh banyak2 sgt nanti kalau tak tercapai rase kecewa..

soooo see ya nextweek..have a nice weekend.

ruined top and new lip surgery AND ITS MONDAY!

I went cranky this morning.the most dramatic cranky ever...after i accidentally burn my new top while ironing it 6 am in the morning.such a bad gross dream i told ya.
half awake, i try to amend. i sewn it!!which added the burning effect.dang!!!!!F came nearer to me to find out why i have yet to take my shower.i was sewing and crying and i can't even got to see where the needle goes ;p
i am silly.i had ruined my new blue top that i was eyeing for.i feel like screaminggggggggggggggggg!!!!!i just love it so much that i will amend it later. maybe patch work? -_______-"
but hey, Monday is still being nice to me..i arrived 8.15 around my office area and sempat la cari breakfast ;p 
and i love my new found baby - NYX Lip Cream which work wonder!its make my lipstick last a lil bit longer that usual.i bought the nude colour as i have so many wrong lipsticks shade that i bought - i must confess my skin can't pull off bright shade, but i keep on buying them.mana la tau yang jenama lain …


do you wechat?so what do u  think?it is the coolest thing ever?or just a media hype? 

personally, i tot its just for fun..or it is more fun whenever u r parted from ur loves walkie talkie..who could refuse it?

yesterday, work mates went crazzzyy.they wechat all day long annoyingly. again.

i tot techno is going overboard now.kalau tok nenek kita hidup pengsan dia tengok.

2nd april

it has been 5 yrs since we hooked up.

he is the man of my life. lifting me up and loves me more everyday.

i am grateful to Allah for this gift.

dear husband, i love u soooo much =*

happpppppppppppyyyyy anniversaryyyyyyyyy...nak adiah ;p