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Bali Mood 1 # The Ubud Village Resort & Spa

Bali...what more can i say?spending up your time with the love ones is memorable.forgetting every matters that matter in homeland was wayyyyyy heaven. up until now i had trying few times to review of my stay at The Ubud Village but fail to do so.i lost my mind in the middle hehe.

we were staying at The Ubud 

it feel like a step to heaven.

the staffs were very friendly and helpful that u feel  like u r a sudden star!!hehe.

we got the best honeymoon deal at Matta fair last september. the total price was plus minus RM2.6k included:

our stay at Royal 18 Kuta (becos we arrived in Bali around 10 we want to take view of Kuta before heading to Ubud)airport pick and dropstaying for 3 nights and 4 days at The Ubud Village with breakfast,candle lite dinner, 2 hours spa for two person, morning tracking,yoga class (which i missed) and high tea.

Ubud is a very peaceful place. i guessed every Balinese feel like vacation everydayyyy..what a lifeeeee man. i met a lady from Japan who quit everythin…

Puding Caramel Madu

hi allssss..selama ni asyik update pasal wedding arini kita main masak2 nak?just a simple ones for love ones cewwaaahh.

i promised F to make this one for him since the first day i moved was becos we have stock piles our eggs.i brought mine and he has its looked like we were having some egg party afterwards.
to cut thing short here is the recipe. hope u'll try it

Untuk badan nya:
3biji telur 1 tin susu cair 5 sudu besar gula 1 sudu kecil esen vanilla
untuk sos nye: 2 sudu besar gula 2 sudu air

alatan: periuk kukus periuk utk kuah tapis -halus mngkuk besar utk campur kan bahan2 mangkuk utk kukus aluminium foil

langkah2 1) pecah kan telur dalam mangkuk besar. 2) tuangkan susu cair. alternatif is susu kotak. 3) masukkan gula.alternatif is susu pekat.
kacau semua bahan diatas.
4) panaskan periuk kukus.
5) didalam periuk berasingan, cmpurkan bahan utk sos.jgn sampai hangus.sebab saya adalah agak tidak pandai dan malas hehe, i just put some honey.
6) tuangkan sos ke dalam mangkuk.diikuti denga…

review butik pengantin - ipoh

Ipoh can be classified as a small town thus the option for brides could be a little narrow (in terms of material/design) but somehow its still helped.when i first did my survey on boutique, i was putting quite alot of hopes. i want something similar to the magazine.hehe.
i had wrote a quick review remember?
cakap melayu la plak.hehehe
and finally i choose Butik Inai Pengantin located in Taman Soon Choon.nak pegi survey butik tak susah.but from my experience, it is more than enough if you compared 3-4 boutiques only.tak payah pening2.sebab itu pun dah ckup banyak dan makan byk masa tambah2 kalau u alls keje kat tempat lain.
the time frame?dalam 5-6 bulan sebelum majlis.itu pun kalau bukan tarikh favorite.kalau tarikh fav mungkin lagi awal.
saya pilih butik inai sebab:
1) dekat dengan rumah 2) ada pelamin bunga besar seperti yang diharapkan 3) kebanyakkan kedai yang saya survey adalah lebih kurang je harga die 4) assistant die  agak bagus jugak
barang2 yang disewa:
1) pelamin - tanpa set merenjis.…

tips -from small things that count

i dun have any preetyyyy pictures with me now hence the entry.i will share some tips for your gorgeous wedding dayyyyyyyyyyy..

1) a week before make sure every detailing for dress and other tedious things has been set, shoes, socks, jewellery, henna,bunga manggar, goodie bags and blabla.dun assume everything to be settle when everybody is home.last minute could kill the tiredness will appeared all around ur face.

in case u will be wearing new shoes (i know..every single things must be new for bride ;p ) please do take note of the skin does help your day.few days before the event swap with some candle all will lessen the pain.and if you u hv more time and energy do wear it few times (normally inside the house) to make ur self comfortable and stretch the surface abit.

before wearing henna, make sure u do ur mani and pedi first.

2) jerawat tak dapat dielakkan.phewwwwwwwww..what a statement.tambah2 bila tips is simple (wah) for me, i just wear the…

must do

deep in my heart i lovvvvvveeee my blog.hehe.i really wanted to update about my wedding but hey i kind of miss my wedding day and Bali sooo much that i could not write well hehe.alasannnn.
btw..apart from do the talking every day..we must have crucial financial budget.the strict ones.not the one that i used to when i was single heh.i mean for a starter i google it and i can't seem to found the one that could guide us well.
yes.i know the income and expenses part..but how about investment like insurance take part?like seriously, we can't predict future (tho Mayan calender say the end will becoming soonnnnn).with all those viruses and accidental happened right infront of my eyes, i could not just say no to insurance (or other type of investment) for the purpose of unpredictable future expenses.
so now?i must go to buy a book.but which book?*sigh*
so let do some homework for the financial starter.
see u soon =) 


i love u and miss u *