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off the stupid one and being pretty

i was conned.or i get conned.

so i am pretty angry of myself.people always viewed me as an independent-strict-living-and-standing-firm-on-my faith-and-words kind.i promise you i am.

but not until today.i am a noob and such a humiliating when was deceived by a..well a bimbo *criessssloud

i want to slap my face too. think about it make me angry but to think twice,she got it all right to rest my power of saying no to her request.and thats make human,perhaps?


Anniversary mishap


our second anniversary went quite 'well'. we all sat home.trying to healing ourselves and not to forget entertain little D too.

so basicly, there were no celebration at all.which is i accepted with open arms and thoughts.

because seeing your love ones sick..There were no joyous beaming eyes, added the grim.

for this anniversary, i wish we have a very healthy body and living.Mummy cannot see you suffer again.and for hubby Happy Anniversary. Lets be strong.

i love you both.soo much.

second and countinggggg

Yayyyy after a loooonnngg and stressful weekdays, here comes weekend! i am so tired the whole week that im much anticipated with this know, not only my baby falls sick, but also mummy and daddy.phewwww.

and all of us are toward recovering. alhamdulillah. Baby D even wake up on 4 o'clock to play!!! Maybe it was the sign he is recovering.Joy to see him smileeeee again after so much stress for him too.poor baby!

nextweek,10 November, marked our 2 years together.and a wife and mother now, there are much more than lesson learned.

here my fair share:

1) wife is alwaysssss RIGHT.hahaha if not please la husband make it right.hahaha.

2) trust. love and marriage is all about trust.

3) discuss and communicate in proper level of tones.

4) when comes to baby/kid, mummy know the best BUT daddy also, well, could be knowledgeable too.

5) Home-cook is still the best!

to my dearie F, Happy 2nd Anniversaryyyy..Life has bring us this far with that little man,let face the w…

What does it take to be a good mother?

whenever D is unwell, i'll become so frustrating, fall into deep sadness and finally, nothing else matter.and sometimes, i cries and blaming everything to my husband.
and yesternight was the time. Little D was having difficulty in breathing duo to flu. so i was there cuddling him to sleep and keep on asking F what should i do?untill..he become quite pressure.
and the last heartbreaking moment is, i still have to send him to the daycare. i-cries-a-million times as if i could end my career now.
what does it takes to be a good mother? i always questions myself until i found nothing else matters.except this small little creatures that took most room in my're such a sweetheart honey.
does stay at home taking care of the children makes me a good mum? 
it is very downright perplexing.