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After i successfully delivering my baby, i told my husband no baby anymore.i was in episotomy pain, hard to walk,aches all over my body and breast.God Please Forgive me.
i even couldn't get through my mind to post an entry about it.was it tooooooo traumatic?hahahaa..
welll...yess!nobody (included the docs and nurses) could touch me without hearing me half scream or resist.i was in major traumatic of my life.
i did some small reading on how to calm during the labour pain.but the labour pain itself..emmm..i hardly describe.but after i went through it im sooo proud myself for the great pain endured.looking back i could cracked some i only took the gas to reduce the epidural.
why is there an unbearable pain?
i wish i know.sometimes, my naughty mind said, why can't the baby just come out painlessly? so it is easy for the mother and the baby to bond.right?
how to overcome the pain?
sadly, only time will tell!!!haha..i was in 5 hours of labour pain,and they placed the clo…

mommyhood - a journey has begin

i don't have any idea what its like to be when you have your job(and u wish to keep it) and in the same time you have to handle a family too. especially with a small creatures known as baby. they are very demanding indeed.however its your job to fulfill their need.oh and btw their smile and smell makes u so melted and fall in love over and over matter how they acted before.
after a month of handling him by our self, i discover many things have to be revamped.our chores,our travelling time, our tv time.. (i think must be everything right?)
but up until this time i like everything. and i love the most that i have a baby (and a husband to whine hehe). an indescribable feeling.when you are lazily wake up in the morning, but when you popped your head to the baby cot, he's already wake up, with a smile and a carry-me-hand. baby smile alot in the morning aren't they?
and since our little D has started solid, mummy has to go extra hour and thinking on he's diet. to all t…