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Survival during your 3rd trimester when you are travelling

during my recent trip to the land of Kangaroo,it taught me alot on how to handle during pregnancy. its not easy i tell you, but it worth try to survive.
here its goes:
1) think as positive as you could (and ur body allowed you) yes u are pregnant and heavy inside out. but thinking in negative side isnt help pull urself and stay calm and alot about travelling tips and get ur mental ready few weeks before the flight take off.
2) take ur prenatal as suggested yes. i am well aware of my supplement intake during trip.becos i dun wanna cos trouble to others (especially hubby and MIL). i do consistently pop 'em.its helped in term of energy and strength i believe.
3) Comfy Comfy is the key word - right from head to toe to your handbag. ensure u r carrying the lightest and easiest bag u have.for me it was easier to carry back pack rather than sling bag. but i only brought (had) my sling had to live with it (becos my sling bag was taken as light and comfy too ;p ) 
4) …

Oh Sydney

Sydney vacation entry coming up...=)