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bali yang dirindui

huh??tajuk memang tk boleh belah.hehe

update terkini: jerawat besar giler kat dagu dah pecah.damn.besar hokey.

Hani told me some tips to avoid THIS matter again closer to my wedding day :

1) drinks alots of water
2) ENOUGH SLEEP. atleast 2 weeks before big day.
3) dun be so stress

easy hah?easy to say but uneasy to do.i wish i do it all by now.

we keep dreaming about Bali nowadays.ssssssesssshhhhh!


i feel like dreaming now - that i am planning my honey mooon..yahooooo..yang kelakarnye semua main thing tak settle lagi.dah pkir bagai nak pegi honeymoon.
i guess i love Jakarta & Bandung the most. but this this time i think, after so much tiring and money tree almost die in action, i have to make peace with my soul plus abit of was wayyyy long time ago that i spend myself with vacation. tu pun pegi dengan famili.
kali ni akan pergi, insyaallah dengan F merangkap husband (masa honeymoon nnti).pelik pulak sebut husband sebab selama-lama ni asik sebut bf/tunang. and masa isi borang ke ape ke letak title Miss.or bile meeting mesti panggil saya will change very soon.november soon ke?for me YES!i think i might be pulling my hair later on when discussing to confirm few arrangement. as F said, i am easily confused with numbers of option, so make sure the boutique/catering/related things send me out only few options.
btw, i still can't believe this is hapenning now.…

selamat berpuase (to me)

my bad, yesterday i just started puasa. this is the only last minute best time that i have.after Fahmi nagging me alot and alot until i could hear his voice whenever i am too lazy to wake up.hence the lack update?no i am practically busy as ussual.alhamdulilah i am better in term of health. wanna share with u guys bout gastric, but be patient =D

this year, most of the things change. see from the wide side, i will be sahur and berbuka more Nora or Niza..there is Lita but she is non what to say? 

for sure this is my last time of fasting as a single and raya too.i spoke to F about this and he said, "ok lets be busy this raya and ignore each other" hehe.calm down man. i never ever let u be in such a peace.i will telling you all sort of whining ;p

ramadan will be visited us soon. semoga dapat kite bertemu dengan nya lagi utk kuatkan lagi iman dan ibadat.

to me, selamat berpuasa ganti sorg2.

p/s: wedding progress?soon also heehe


wedding jiiters

nowadays, i slept with my soon-to-be-wedding-dress-pictures. it just too hard when i have the pics in my phone.i keep staring whenever i have in case u bump over me, dun think i am texting,bcos i am not!!!hehe.

since i bought the cloth for nikah and reception, i can't sleep properly. i keep thinking, where shud i send them?do the tailor fit the bills?bla bla bla..

do all bridezellas feel the same?

its 9 a.m and i am sleepyyyyy..ZZZZzzzzZZZzZZZZZZZZZzzzZ

happy weekend!! (i want to sleep the whole day)

friend with benefits

do you know one of the ways to win me is by splurge me with gift?i am not that easy person but sometimes it do the and Seph are friends again because i will get this as an introductory gift!!!!!!!!

please quickly drop by KLCC or Star Hill to become a member =)

cold feet warm heart

i feeeeeeellll nerveeesssss nowwwww..why la aku pegi gatal baca wedding bajet tadi ha..i dunno i feel extra nerves when i have to face with the budget.i haaatttttteeeeeeeee this feeling.

i feel like everything turn upside down now..cannot think about work anymoreeee...


night cream

tomorrow is weekend.i will be back to Ipoh home.yay!!!i miss everyone and everything. hopefully they are missing me too ^_^
sales is everywhere guys.i just can't get stop from dragging my just that i have to be there.not for the sake of buying, but lately i am observing and comparing and much more important, i can tell that i need this or no.but you know sometime i also splurge on unimportant stuff =D thats rarely happened nowadays.but its still happen ;p
anyway what do u normally pat on ur face before sleep every night?

i was using Julias oil. i want to change to cream know typical me =)
for over months, i've been chasing for the "mr Right" cream. but its double hard to find the one.i am very frustrated on my last visit to Seph. do you know who is Seph?Seph is my bestfriend ever.but i hate her more now becos she dun carry this:

no night cream shining armour in Sephora!!!!can't believe this (must believe)
so i think i must get this one:

but doing some h…