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Breastfeeding : the starter kit

Being a parent is matter how many times you popped.and being a breastfeeding mother is another hard occupation for me hahaa.its takes out all your ideas,energy and times (and money too) who said is as easy as attached and detach baby from boobies??

It is a whole new thing for me.for my first born,i gave up direct latch very early as my nipples were badly my episotomy pain.i just pumped out whatever left in boobies and feed him.back then i dont have resource to refer to.i dont know the existing of lactation consultant, the benefits of massaging my breast and nobody told me to hang in there like today's support group.

So with my second born, i am trying to gather as much as info that i could,learning and asking questions, looking for tips and be a whole lot patience.and this around i have lesser pain for my im on in this breastfeed game.

Breastfeed is different from one to another.for me it is quite difficult.i need all those kind of help. From massaging lad…
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the longest Friday

Im not in the mood to work today..just not in the right mood as something happened to my son.and this momma getting sooo sooo unsatisfied and sad and angry and many more emotional issues.
today is friday, where usually offer and discounts online keeps on popping up.but im not just into buying today.but i hope it is only today, as my list is veryyy long ;p
So what happened to my little man??
he got bruises on his face, at the left cheek..and also like 4 to 5 scratches.also at the same cheek.OHHMMYYY thats breaking my heart.i cried when i first noticed them.and i have like thousands of question about it.Did he cry?did he got bullied? or did him fall? does it pain?why does the person so ruthless to my son?
and i came to the (maybe) true story..this one 5 yr old girl was in defends of her baby sister when Daniyel try to pull her hair/try to do something. in my disbelief, D never do something like that as far as i know. I did not say my son is an angel boy but he has never done that when with …

the domestic Issues

Issue no 1
my 3 year old son is currently and constantly at the pace of learning. From every single perspective that he could. it might be pleasure seeing your little man growing up and added the knowledges from zero.

so this little man learning about sharing from his daycare. which is okay, that's GOOOODDDD BUT wait. He wrongly interprets it. Like last time he had one bottle of Vitagen and he asked around the house if anybody wanted to share. and on that time my house was full of family members. some of them were sick (cough/flu/fever) or some other ailment that not showed.

although I knew he was in a good vibe. was quite not pleased with his action by the way.

yesterday was the funniest when he pulled my pillow when I'm about to lay. He said, "mama said we must share" (mama is his babysitter btw) I laugh to my lung hahahaaa.. yes, but we have allot of pillow here and there. so go and take one laa. haiyaaaa..
this concept of sharing is very new to him and how he sees.

2) …

32 Birthday!!! turning 32 today..i have been living for 32 years???


for everything i've had today..and i am praying to Allah to grant me a good health especially for my second pregnancy, healthy and happy babies,provide me with all the strength to go through this, expanding my rezeki and to be with my whole family in Jannah.

pregnancy round 2

my last update was September? its like 3 months ago???

thats looonggg..

so hi here i am with my 18 weeks of pregnancy.typing with my bloating ad gassy stomach.

this second round is quite challenging for me. 1st i reallly have bad nausea and gassy stomach.i feel like wanna sleep whole morning and do nothing. but do nothing added the i think one of the most crucial part of handling the morning sickness is stand up straight and dont think about it.

get ready,all dolled up and go and have your day. do your chores,work or will definitely doesnt shove it away, but it divert your thinking and focusing on something else. Yes you might felt down on your knee once a while,im not judging.

whenever i heard pregnant friends really have to be in bed all day due to morning sickness, and on Medical leave,i feel like..oh thats cool. dont have to work.sorryyyy i really don't know sitting on the bed whole time doesn't eased the pain.Now i know.

so the next hardest thing is,to buy…

Migrainer no brainer

i have weeks by week full with migraines. it just soo damn repeated that i couldn't stand any more.
so,did some research and reading again and again and must decide something to fixed myself(to be exact my head).
trying to pantang with few types of food, but men it doesn't work at ALL T_T
you migrainer know right.
my type of migraine is constant and mild..only sometimes hiked up (when the workload going up and never some point, i THINK i should quit my job HAHAHA)
so i'll remember my best friend from Shaklee, Multivitamin Vita-Lea. i took this way back then when i was pregnant as i had low blood reading. its just worked amazing!!but couldn't remember if it had helped much with my headache during my gestation.hence i ordering it right away and trying it has been almost 5 days. i noticed:
1) i have some few pain on the top of my head.but very little compared to previous week.
2) i can drink coffee,i mean half glass of coffee, without headache. when normally i wil…

Dealing with toddler

ramadhan has making long way leaving us..and syawal is following it went soo fast huh? i still remember how i had to forced myself to pray terawikh and recite Al- Quran.

let make peace, and feel the now ;p 

such us our deep love?

yeah my boy! that little man take up such a massive place in my life. He is currently VERY VERY activate. one time during the *bedtimes chatting , he said "mummy, i don't want to sleep." what do you mean son? it was past 10 pm and your were still energised?what you made of? could gimme some?

*(and about the bedtime story..i never read to him..i know its sound bad but i do talk to him and doing some old jokes or at least sing his fave song)

handling toddler like him take a lot of patience. like if you are now having 1000kg of patience, you have to find another 10000000 kg!! its like digging moreeee and moreee good vibes in you HAHA sometimes you just have to make peace with your inner self, that toddler are definitely a GOD sent for positive …