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the things that i do not know : vicks

i am sensitive whenever my kids fell sick. especially my second born son.Compare to my eldest, he consumes breastmilk longer, so he'll be protected alot more least to my thinking.
unfortunately he is not. he was caught by a coughing bug at the tender age of 3 month. how heartbroken i was, can you imagine.
now he's no where run from the coughing series. coughing followed by phlegm is another serious business. up until 11 month, on average , the series repeated once a month and lasted about 2 weeks.
we went for treatment, but seeing his activeness level and other factors, doctors clarified as mild bronchilitis, it will get better as he aged. he even warded once because he experienced mild croup. 
i read alot about this, besides asking the doctors' advise. here my share:
1. he was prescribe singulair for one month period. before that, he took the oral for a week or two only. but the doctor later stretch the time to see any improvement. i noticed after a month ending, he e…
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My New Position

Hello February
i woke up with mix feeling everyday. After 6 yrs of my lead in finance and accounting, i finally been transferred to head a NEW department called Transformation.
It for sure gonna be tough and tough but hopefully my 6 yrs journey abundant to begin with.So i am hand over all my past years pending works to my new assistant manager.(Hoping will be less questioning from her *roll eyes*) In the straight fight war, accounting has always win in my eyes.
to recap, i don't even believe that i have been working with the same company for 6 yrs. At some point, i think i knew the feeling of people working in the same place for like 20 yrs.OMG.what a number!!!really salute that especially when you slowly build up your career from nothing to somebody crucial in the company. Thats Achievement!!!! nothing compared to that ( thats why i always looked up to the person background especially the successful ones, dreaming to have that in my personal biography as well!!)
and most often people…

33th Birthday !!!!

i hit 33 last Saturday.

celebrate with the love ones

in the office

Alhamdulillah for this long ages granted by Allah s.w.t.  i have been living for 33 yrs old guysss!!! terima kasih atas kurniaan umur yg panjang, badan yang sihat dan hidup yang lengkap. Tambahan doa ku lindungilah orang-orang yang ku sayang Ya Allah Ya Rahman, bimbing la kami ke jalan yang engkau redhai. Amin. Insyaallah.

baby food

it was very long after my previous post.tot i could share more things here but man i was wrong.
so lets cut it short.nak share resepi what my baby eat from 6 month
1) Apple Puree. to make it even delicious, peel and steam for 15-20 minutes. and then blend.
2) As he grow fonder of food i, i add porride or potato into the apple puree. Same, please use steamer. In my lazy days, i use microwave. Cut the fruit or potato. Put in a microwave save bowl. add 1/4 of water. then put in for 3 workkssss!!
3) Finger heinz biscuit. Never buy teething is super duper hard. My baby was so frustrated whenever i gave him this.
4) Oat Puree. i used steel oat, kurma and raisin. pour this 3 ingredients in a small bowl.Soak for about 2-3 hours. and then blend.
5) Fish porridge. I add in salmon (fillet is the best) or anchovies,spinach/broccoli and carrot, a lil bit of garlic and ginger and alittle bit of unsalted butter. Just to test their fragile stomach.becareful with the broccoli. some bab…

Breastfeeding : the starter kit

Being a parent is matter how many times you popped.and being a breastfeeding mother is another hard occupation for me hahaa.its takes out all your ideas,energy and times (and money too) who said is as easy as attached and detach baby from boobies??

It is a whole new thing for me.for my first born,i gave up direct latch very early as my nipples were badly my episotomy pain.i just pumped out whatever left in boobies and feed him.back then i dont have resource to refer to.i dont know the existing of lactation consultant, the benefits of massaging my breast and nobody told me to hang in there like today's support group.

So with my second born, i am trying to gather as much as info that i could,learning and asking questions, looking for tips and be a whole lot patience.and this around i have lesser pain for my im on in this breastfeed game.

Breastfeed is different from one to another.for me it is quite difficult.i need all those kind of help. From massaging lad…

the longest Friday

Im not in the mood to work today..just not in the right mood as something happened to my son.and this momma getting sooo sooo unsatisfied and sad and angry and many more emotional issues.
today is friday, where usually offer and discounts online keeps on popping up.but im not just into buying today.but i hope it is only today, as my list is veryyy long ;p
So what happened to my little man??
he got bruises on his face, at the left cheek..and also like 4 to 5 scratches.also at the same cheek.OHHMMYYY thats breaking my heart.i cried when i first noticed them.and i have like thousands of question about it.Did he cry?did he got bullied? or did him fall? does it pain?why does the person so ruthless to my son?
and i came to the (maybe) true story..this one 5 yr old girl was in defends of her baby sister when Daniyel try to pull her hair/try to do something. in my disbelief, D never do something like that as far as i know. I did not say my son is an angel boy but he has never done that when with …

the domestic Issues

Issue no 1
my 3 year old son is currently and constantly at the pace of learning. From every single perspective that he could. it might be pleasure seeing your little man growing up and added the knowledges from zero.

so this little man learning about sharing from his daycare. which is okay, that's GOOOODDDD BUT wait. He wrongly interprets it. Like last time he had one bottle of Vitagen and he asked around the house if anybody wanted to share. and on that time my house was full of family members. some of them were sick (cough/flu/fever) or some other ailment that not showed.

although I knew he was in a good vibe. was quite not pleased with his action by the way.

yesterday was the funniest when he pulled my pillow when I'm about to lay. He said, "mama said we must share" (mama is his babysitter btw) I laugh to my lung hahahaaa.. yes, but we have allot of pillow here and there. so go and take one laa. haiyaaaa..
this concept of sharing is very new to him and how he sees.

2) …