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the domestic Issues

Issue no 1
my 3 year old son is currently and constantly at the pace of learning. From every single perspective that he could. it might be pleasure seeing your little man growing up and added the knowledges from zero.

so this little man learning about sharing from his daycare. which is okay, that's GOOOODDDD BUT wait. He wrongly interprets it. Like last time he had one bottle of Vitagen and he asked around the house if anybody wanted to share. and on that time my house was full of family members. some of them were sick (cough/flu/fever) or some other ailment that not showed.

although I knew he was in a good vibe. was quite not pleased with his action by the way.

yesterday was the funniest when he pulled my pillow when I'm about to lay. He said, "mama said we must share" (mama is his babysitter btw) I laugh to my lung hahahaaa.. yes, but we have allot of pillow here and there. so go and take one laa. haiyaaaa..
this concept of sharing is very new to him and how he sees.

2) …