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33th Birthday !!!!

i hit 33 last Saturday.

celebrate with the love ones

in the office

Alhamdulillah for this long ages granted by Allah s.w.t.  i have been living for 33 yrs old guysss!!! terima kasih atas kurniaan umur yg panjang, badan yang sihat dan hidup yang lengkap. Tambahan doa ku lindungilah orang-orang yang ku sayang Ya Allah Ya Rahman, bimbing la kami ke jalan yang engkau redhai. Amin. Insyaallah.

baby food

it was very long after my previous post.tot i could share more things here but man i was wrong.
so lets cut it short.nak share resepi what my baby eat from 6 month
1) Apple Puree. to make it even delicious, peel and steam for 15-20 minutes. and then blend.
2) As he grow fonder of food i, i add porride or potato into the apple puree. Same, please use steamer. In my lazy days, i use microwave. Cut the fruit or potato. Put in a microwave save bowl. add 1/4 of water. then put in for 3 workkssss!!
3) Finger heinz biscuit. Never buy teething is super duper hard. My baby was so frustrated whenever i gave him this.
4) Oat Puree. i used steel oat, kurma and raisin. pour this 3 ingredients in a small bowl.Soak for about 2-3 hours. and then blend.
5) Fish porridge. I add in salmon (fillet is the best) or anchovies,spinach/broccoli and carrot, a lil bit of garlic and ginger and alittle bit of unsalted butter. Just to test their fragile stomach.becareful with the broccoli. some bab…