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wits end

yay!!!only one week before we can fly baby. your conservatives mother is too much, emm like usually. she checks on everything (almost). including call MAS few times to confirm about pregnancy lady on board. must be really annoyed with me. never mind.
i have errands to settle before taking my leave.looking at my tables, Omaigod.i am in trouble.but tired too thats why i am here posting a what-not.
mummy also has to do the listing before leaving. becos mummy is so paranoid with the pregnancy and travelling. i keep on bugging F with some of the silly Qs.he tought he was so funny by mimicking me.
so whats with the title up there?i am in low hb again. mummy was crying again after seeing the doctor. itu la yang mak rase wits end sangat. mak makan ubat ok.makan sayur.makan bayam.makan buah.tapi kenapa still low in hemoglobin??why why why.
i felt like my effort is soooo unworthy.
my latest weight recorded is 59 point something (i dun want to know them) next week gonna be a tough …

My Little Bulb

i must be half-sane now.i think i am obsessed with my baby.haha.why? because i keep thinking what to eat, what to buy for the little bulb.i even imagine hows my baby look like.
you are so lucky baby!!
this week is week 25 are making summersault everytime.sampai mummy sakit perut. mummy current craving is durian and cheesy food. you love it alot don't you?izzit taste good little darling?
this week you are seeing (hearing) grandma again!!!!i think you are happier becos granny pamper you alot. keep asking about you even over the phone.see granny loves you sooo much. i will send you to kampung every school holidays, no worries.
do you know it is 15 weeks more to see you??ahh mummy can't wait.mummy wanna smooches you.sleep with you.taking care of you little bos.
but make sure you are doing well and enjoying your brief time inside me.
we will shop for you this week!!!!!!can't wait.
happy weekend guys!!!

Week 24

WOw!!!what a journey, and me (and daddy lol). we have been along for 6 months.6 precious months honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you make me smiles, cry, exhausted, joyous.above all i thanked God for the strength he provides me, for being patient enough to going all the sickness and hardship.walaupun mummy menangis kene cucuk, mummy tetap bertabah dan pergi membeli belah.
it is u sayang who make me stronger everyday. 
baby is doing well so far. weight at 700gram, 30cm height. though people keep saying i look like 3 or 4 months, you make me proud long as you healthy, strong and happy, mummy willing to do anything, for you.
oh btw, little bos, we will be flying so far next month. mummy has a little request here. just a tiny little thing sayang.promise. please be good all the time yaaa. as in return u always has my backed whenever daddy against you.but promise dun tell anyone.
this trip is really vital to mummy.ssssshhhh dun tell anyone.mummy needs to shop over there.N.E.E.D.becos once you …


semalam seharian cramp perut tapi gagahkan diri jugak kerja.sakit sampai ke malam.sampai menangis2 drama queen ini lol.
tapi memang bile cramp akan rs sgt menderita.owh good tapi tekadkan hati demi anak tercinta.wah gitu.
so semalam berazam la dewi ini utk makan ostemetrik Shaklee agar tidak cramp lagi. azam2 pun makan tak ikot arahan botol. orang kata makan 4 pegi makan 2 je.tak klakar ok kene makan ubat besar2 4 bijik sebelum tido.rase nak terkencing2 sebab minum ar byk sgt. mcm mana la orang yang amik satu set supplement shaklee tu hari2 tanpa miss?tell me tell me.
pagi ni rase ade sedikit kurang.lazim nye selepas berehat tinggikan kaki memang akan kurang.masih tatau oste membantu atau tidak.ataupun kerana doa seorang ibu =D
penambahan minyak ikan @ Omega Guard Shaklee akan diusahakan secepat mungkin. sebab bab membeli memang laju.hehe.
setakat  (23 week) nie vitamin/supplement yang saya amalkan:
1) Iron - untuk tambah darah. yang nie penting sebab dikhuatiri low blood 2) ESP - ni makan se…

journey with a best friend

source : google
alhamdulillah. we will celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary on 10 November. i am sooooo excited guysss.
but we dun have any plan (yet) as F is sooooo busy.