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27/01/12 the legacy

27 years go, i was born healthy and happy.i was (and still ;p) the bundle of joy to mummy and daddy as i am a wanted baby girl after they have 2 daddy always said "dulu-dulu eniz kecik jer" whenever i discus with him about my wedding.

-__- i am ur baby girl always rite?

now 27 years after, i am still a kiddy.acted childishly.but most of the time i keep trying, keeping lossing until i win.that is life after all.

Dear Allah..thanks alot for make this little creature breathe in this challenging life, for gimme strenght and pull me up whenever i am loss and vain,for calming my tears and fears, for the rezeki and umur yang dipanjangkan, for the lovely people around me as well as enemies, for the lovely heart that u lend to me..i keep on improving myself to be a better person and muslimah..insyaallah.

dear my parent..thanks for get married and got me.hehe.kudos for raise me up and lead me to a better man.tho sometimes i alwasy cringing and whine about my job and other things,p…

what else?

tommorow is my birthday.perlu ke kau cakap banyak kali.hehe.its me after all.i like to make small thing big.and big thing bigger..haha.

Fahmi has informed me we will have dinner to death and movie.late night movie.isn't that sweet telling me my birthday plan?he is sweetest after all =)

i didnt expect mountain of present tommorow.just pray "murah rezeki and panjang umor dan berbahagia selalu"

kata-kata itu bukankan doa?

dan semoga pintu langit terbuka menyambut doa kite semua.


p/s:teringat pulak tahun lepas dapat 3 bijik kek sekaligus.bukankah memori itu indah?


my boss bought me a new printer.i'll be happier if he hire me another assistant.and that assistant will assist me in facing all the directors (bosses) and management team.thats only task for him.ok i'll prefer guy because he will never cry no matter how hard the situation is.

why facing the top management is crucial thing?

1) we/i will prepare to the top of the world, but they'll ask u underground
this is my fault anyway, not well prepare

2) im asking regarding A but they will speak  Finish and French and then come back to B.u want asnwer for A?keep dreaming.go back to your place and think.deeply.because Finish , French and B is considered connect to each other, as they think
boleh mengundang high blood pressure

3) i need half day leave because yesterday i had worked around the clock, but i will get a talk regarding "kerja dengan ikhlas"

4) i demand for salary raise..u can guess already....

tough time tough people

Official Video: Malaysia Airlines Missing You Flashmob at KLIA



happppyyyyy holiday guyssss..have fun and be fabolous.jgn nakal2 ok!

i need only a bag

at this moment im thinking i want to breakoff my relation with Zila.

nowaday, my eyes almost pop whenever i visit her fb wall.why she sells coach handbagsssss???how she get??i wannnntttt alllllllllllll of them.i want for free of course.who said i wanna to pay?

but sadly, she wont let me get for free.or maybe i will suggest her to conduct  competition (like all the online seller do nowadays) and will force everybody to anticipate, in order to get free handbag.and thats for me,for sure.

what to do now, i have to save money remember?but dun worry.once i settle about the most important thing in my life, i will pay revenge.period.

smile ear to ear

its been way long since i started blogging.way back in 2004.thats was in friendster.omg!!!i think i should delete my account.

well, i saw visitors and make me think (in the morning) are those gadget manupulating my blur thinking??from all around the world?hey come drop some comment.i want to hear urs to.ok,let say HI first =)

and i did check nuffnang.i earn some too.wehuuuuuu..after long waiting.but that amount is wayyyyyy tooooo little compare to other bloggers.

but or not i still enjoy writting...or izzit whining??hehe.

happy tuesday guys!!!

resepi ikan steam

i went to the market after so long didn't.heloooo market did u miss me as much as i did?
i bought fish in order to accomplish my new year resolution.

i bought the fish but both (me and nora) dunno know to prepare stim fish.we bought everything the recipe might need.see when we dun even know the recipe...and we forgot there were internet and books.

lazy to read and google,i rang up my mum make her proud of her daughther's intelligent in ktichen area.

my questions are:
how to know the fish already cooked?
how much to add ginger
when can i add bla..blaaa...

mum said this is not accounts that everything need exact measurement

just use ur sense and loose urself

here is the recipe:

seekor ikan siakap yang sederhana besar (ikot la kebesaran saiz periuk kukus anda)
1 bawang putih
sedikit halia
sebijik bawang besar berdiameter 5cm

daun sup
daun bawang
limau nipis

sedikit minyak

1) basuh ikan.rendam dengan air limau untuk menghilangkan …

its Monday

please everything, don't go wrong today.i am not in the positive mode.last nite i had only few hours of sleeping as electricity supply went haywire.thanks so much to tnb.

the blackout started at 12.30 and went normal again at nearly 3 am.i kept changing my position every 10 i felt like wanna sleeping on the table.

so please Monday,love me moreeeeeeeeeeeee!

wool cap

i dunno the name.the one that Yuna wear on as scarf (to cover hair).i was trying it few times and contemplating on how others ecspecially free hair peps wear cute.
when i saw this on Yuna's twitter,hey she look way cooler than others.i want that too.but do i have to complement with jacket as well? Malaysia is summer now and forever,remember????


azam tahun baru:makan ikan untuk lunch!

teringat tadi makan lunch,ade paru goreng.sgt sedap nmpaknye.bile makan2 peh bau die sgt kuat ok.bazir jer makan sikit.

aku memang la tak tahan kalau makanan yang berbau asli die tu.mcm daging fresh,ikan bawal,udang, sotong..i might vomit lepas tu.kedengaran sgt bimbotik.hehe..

aku jarang makan seafood.selalu makan ayam jew.tak baik untuk kesihatan.kat rumah malas nak beli ikan.cepat rosak.ayam boleh simpan lama2.kantoi jarang masak.spageti je tau buat cmno nak kawen kak oi!

sebab kedua aku jarang makan seafood terutamanya udang,muke aku akan merah2 -_____-

sebab ketiga tatau ikan mane yang sedap kat pasar.semua pun mcm susah je nak cuci

tapi setelah hari ke 11 tahun baru telah terlupe amik ikan untuk lunch.pegi amik paru buat ape.kan membazir.phewwww..

gambar hanya hiasan

p/s: aku asik cek twitter je.tgk Siti reply tak aku wish birthday die -__________-

weekend achats

hiya!!!!hows ur weekend?mine was hillarious *bajet aku Paris Hilton

i started it well with finishing RM90 for scarfs.i mean 4 errrrr izzit 5?i bought it rite after office hour ended on Friday.that was grrrreatttt rite?please say it so


the come Saturday, i make God bless me more by visiting Fila who's just had an operation to remove thyroid. pity on her as she can't eat alots of thing ecspecially the hard ones.just imagine porridge everyday phewwwww...

semoga kamu cepat sembuh ya sayang!

meneruskan penghargaan terhdp makanan yang boleh dimakan, me and the girls headed to Mcd for the yummies P.hew hew sadly the P burger lack of black pepper which lessen the umppphhhh.later we want need something sweet and only thought of cake!!!but we gave up as we honour window shopping moreeeee..

guess what??now is sales season.isnt it??started from Xmas up till now,the red alert of offer calling from everywhere.filled with crowded.being the diva always, i hate i passed…


it was jammed when we had this touching conversation

me : *mumbling on why so many car today*
him : sayang
me: *look at him
him: is healthy makes you happy?
me: yes.of course * confident harus lebih hehe
him: whats define healthy?
me: healthy in the way we are thinking and physically great..
him:*pause* its really subjective.for me though i am sick and tired, but when i look at your smilling face,i feel extremely happyyyyy..
me: *touching*

happy monday allllll!!!!

weekend n wedding date

tommorow is excited.but dun forget we are no longer have extra days of weekend.phew..thats the reminder to myself.

what to do on weekend?dalam kepala ingat nak shopping jew.hew hew hew.sama ada Sogo atau KLCC.tetapi tatau ape nak dishopping kan.i need to save money as well.

talking about money, the money eater event a.k.a wedding will take place soon.soon??end of year insyaallah.i have to savvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeee alot.would i??insyaallah.

cakap pasal kawen jugak..Fahmi briefly gimme few dates to be konpem with family.i already sms my mum becos excited malas nak call time keje.sekali mak balas dengan 7 smses -_______-

what am i suppose to reply.i need to check accounts mum.later ok??sorry.hehe.

haapyyy weekend guys.



kalau aku cite kat Fahmi n mak aku konfirm aku kene ceramah.tapi sesungguhnya aku memang bermasalah dari segi makan.terutamanye lunch.aku lapa giler tapi bile aku makan tak abis.sungguh membazir.

kalau aku kaji2 balik:
1) aku breakfest sekitar 7.30 pagi.minum susu + roti bakar
2) antara breakkie and lunch - coklat / milo / roti / buah

so seharusnye aku lapa by the time pukul 12.30++

memang lapa.tapi bile aku pegi makan tak abis.bukan sikit... banyak ok.
membazir giler aku rase -____-
bile pukul 4 mule le mcm org somaliland.lapau benau.

so ini strategi baru aku
1) breakfast cm biase
2) makan heavy dalam pkul 8.30/9.00
3) makan sandwich utk lunch


makan pagi adalah terhad - nasik lemak,bihun goreng.mee goreng.kuih muih.dan juga pedas2 which is nnti aku sakit perut.

waktu tengah hari sandiwch sama harga dengan makan nasik T_T

jadi bagaimanakah?