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who don't love Sukin facial recovery serum?

I started using serum way back like 9-10 years ago. My first serum was Eucerin Serum White Solution. It was from a whitening range.  The main reason I bought this was that I have some dark patch (or was it sunburn?). I don't even know what was it back then. While searching up and down with a lower budget, I found Eucerin serum.
Which is, if I can remember vividly, was not really serum. It was quite runny (with a bit of rich texture) and white in color. But I strongly believe in my decision HAHAHA I finished 4 bottles of the serum and my dark patches on the cheek were gone.
My skin type back then was oily and had mild acne (acne never stop hunting me up until today!! )😏😏 I had a long history of battling against acne and red skin. phew..those days guys!!
Later in my younger life, I changed my whole set to Clinnelle. OH MY GOD! I love this brand. I was first introduced also by their serum, as long as I can recall, the light blue range. 
And from time to time I always love to try Serum u…