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My Baby

Our bundle of joy is in town now,don’t  you know?me is extremely happpppyyy..despite being extra mile and exhausted, am a  happy mother again.hence the restriction on posting entry hehe. Daniyel is now 5 month and 2 week. What a journey we have been through honey munchkin. You taught us soooo manyyy things.and we never get enough of you.never.
So here are Daniyel milestone for the record:    Able to roll over and roll backCurrently trying to clap (I guess as he keep on pat his hands on to his stomach which is not comfortable for mummy to digest)  Not a crying baby. He is sooo good masyaAllah  Weight : 8.4 kilos height:69cmLoves see people chattingLoves Daddy’s houlder soo much.he even sleep on itStill taking Anmum step 1

Baby will turn 6 month in 2 weeks time.mummy is quite excited to start with the solid food.yay!!!
And not to forget..would like to wish you guys Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin