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I am his mother

I felt guilty to Daniyel lately becos I failed to breastfeed him since day 2. He was crying all the day and I keep wondering why.After seeing the doctor only I knew I did not produce enough milk.seeing baby hungry n exhausted from crying added the guilty n pain.Becos I am mom,I decided to feed him with formula milk.if it would make him happy then why not??Few days later,i keep on trying to pump n pump my breast.people around me added the presure and hurting my feeling.thats not only annoyed,but its hurt and mounting the guilt feeling again.My nipple sore,crack n has blister.i cried whenever I feed Daniyel.on early day of confinement, I couldnt sit properly and its truly hurt becos of my episotomy.thats another down factor.Up until today,people keep on asking me why-not-breastfeeding-annoying me as a mother I always wanted the best for my baby.and as human I also flawed and has a body to heal too.So everytime u passed by a mother,ecspecially the new mom,never argue about…

Not me

Im not in the mood episotomy not yet recover.i just realized my stretch mark are sooo belly have yet to husband is not around to comfort me.the stress n negativity are everywhere.i feel like crying.i need my comfort food..hell no I am in confinement now * criesSo this weekend I wanna go shopping.i dun care.Bye.

Formula milk in breasfeeding-friendly hospital?

Wah sedar tak sedar Daniyel reached 3 weeks today.wehuuuu *throw confetti Daniyel is a great boyyyy.such a bless.Mummyyy is such a cranky unbehave mum,in another note. Mom skip breakkie bcos of the sleepiness,forgot to tie up hair, lessen the jamu dosage n throw tantrum to f in every single thing that doesnt fall in places.

Maybe we could call it baby blue?And yesterday somebody told me that nurses in hospital will feed ur baby with formula milk once the baby was wonder the babies in nursery remain silent n sleep all night.I felt betray.all this while during my check up and by seeing the hspital wall,breasfeed is widely promoted. Like non other thing allowed.Some new mum like me dun even think bout formula milk n make it look like a SIN.I am angry in disbelief.could anyone clarify?please. So that I could sleep better.

My son my little bub

Introducing the first edition of the hussin-roslan clan..Mohd Daniyel AliAfter battling my life for 5 hrs of labor pain,my bundle of joy finally arrived.woottt wooot my son.U r totally a heartbreaker.Mummy in ipoh now crying everynight missing ur dad.pls weekend come faster *cries again*