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friday and Uniqlo

lately, i've been glueing at the Uniqlo facebook.and everytime they came out with the best offer, i feel like running to their outlet and have a look (and buy hehe) becos my office is an arm length to it.
i already bought alot of shirts and tee for F.they are so comfy and nice color too. 
for me, i already bought skinny jeans which is very2 comfy, tak panas and not too tight. i like all their jeans range. their pattern pants also something i might be included in my list. but pattern pant doesnt meet my liking. i only wear them on night.
Uniqlo also has added new range - dress.oh my God.oh my god.they are sooooo lovely and come in brilliant words printed on it. some come with cute cartoon.the only thing is, its a lil bit shorter.sighhhh.
enough bout it.
today is Friday.yahooooo..thank God.i need some rest and need to brush up my cooking skill (poyo). but first of all we have to pick up our heroin who come back with doctorate - my sister in law.wooot woooooot woottt..welcome home bebeh.w…

happy long weekend & kandar

i have 2 reasons why i have huge grin today.

first tomorrow is public holiday

second, hubby loves soo much my cooking yesterday, hence the entry.

lets give it a try Daging Masak Kandar. sound complicated, but it isn' me!


250 Daging - potong nipis
2 sudu rempah daging/ayam
2 sudu sos cili
2 sudu kicap
daun kari

kayu manis
bunga cengkih
bunga lawang

1 biji bawang besar
2 ulas bawang putih
sepotong halia
 kesemua dikisar

air asam jawa


1) tumiskan bahan2 yang telah dikisar. campurkan kayu manis,bunga cengkih,bunga lawang.

2) didlm mangkuk kecil campurkan rempah kari,sos dan kicap. campurkan kedalam kuali.

3) kacau hingga naik bau.

4) masukkan daging. biar daging masak dan kuah memekat. campurkan daun kari dan tomato.

5) campurkan air asam jawa.

6) kacau hingga semua sebati dan biarkan memekat.

selamat mencuba!!!

wedding highlight

a picture worth a thousand words right?
i've give you one thousand more


and they live happily ever after

a happy wife

i am still on my pyjamas, and i have done damage to my future vacation account.i bought 4 scarfs from Ladorn. wait just now i added and deleted and view and add again,izzit 5 or 6??

seriously why they must come out with the fabulous design at this time?not a payday while bonus had been spend out sinfully.

you know today is Saturday, and F is not around.leaving me and those bloody fast speed internet connection, and the rest,like they always said, is history.

now let fold the clothes.mounting clothes.

*the happy soul singing blissfully*

what a nice weekend to start with.sure..have a nice weekend guys...

wedding : enjoy the moment

Out of sudden, i missed everything about my wedding day. from terkejar kesana kesini sampai ke acara bersanding..owh goshhh i long for it. 
yeah.we shud enjoy every little moment in matter how tired you are, how things doesnt go with the direction u dreamed, just smile and calm down.this is your wedding day..embraced it.
however,i had one regret moment. if time permitted, i want to go back and fixed MYSELF. that was a time before my solemnization, my father was so late. and so does F. becos his Family members got lost (Fahmi arrived a day earlier than the rest of the family). i was so angry that time becos i had to wait inside the mosque, up front with the Imam,lingering me the whereabout of F and my father.i keep calling F, and almost make a scene.i am so sorrrrrryyy for being selfish and intolerant. i am truly sorry.
gosh..the cameraman even asked me to calm down and smile.alhamdulillah half an hour  later, F and his family members arrived.
my favorite blogger once said "Malay…

Butter cheese cake Ala English

hi ols!!!u all tau i paling takot buat kek yang gebu-gebu tu?sebab kdg2 i tgok orang buat tak jadi - jatuh la, bawah berminyak dll.i am all prayed to God semoga kek ku menjadi. dalam solat pun sempat lagi berdoa.hehe.

so lets check the recipe
250 g butter unsalted 220 g gula castor 200 g tepung gandum  4 biji telur 1 sk esen vanilla 1 1/2 sk baking powder double action 1 sk garam (kalau pakai salted butter tak perlu letak garam) 4 sb susu fresh milk - sejuk
1) sapukan butter pada loyang.
2) panaskan oven - 180'c selama 10-15 minit
3) dalam mangkuk besar, campurkan tepung, baking powder dan garam. ayakkan.
4) dalam mixing bowl , masukkan butter dan gula. pukul hingga warna bertukar menjadi kuning cair/cream. pukul dalam 6-10 minit.tukar kelajuan dari 1 hingga 3. pecah kan telur satu2 ke dalam campuran tadi.pukul hingga gebu. campurkan esen vanilla.
5) masukkan tepung yg telah di ayak tadi.teruskan memukul. masuk sikit2 ye.
6) akhir sekali masukkan susu segar. pukul pada kelajua…

GE - pls move on

i really wanted to avoid myself from write and posting about our recent drama in General Election. but its unbearable to see people kept talking about the election.many against the result.yes i noticed, many tricks had been done. 

but BN already win (by whatever ways they picked). ade hikmahnya.

in the end, i really hope lesson learned. to the one who win, after bloods and tears, please do take note and serve right. Keep ur promises and lets make a better Malaysia for Malaysian, and for the world. people has entrust u with the second chance (and our money too!!) make it worth to the final tears.second chance to prove urself and to convince fellow Malaysians.bukan senang nak dapat peluang kedua ;p 

to the opponents,please please please dun give up. ur encourage shud be hike up. our Fellow Malaysians still need you.maybe u shud work triple hard to win the next term?who knows things happen =D 

and please move on