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32 Birthday!!! turning 32 today..i have been living for 32 years???


for everything i've had today..and i am praying to Allah to grant me a good health especially for my second pregnancy, healthy and happy babies,provide me with all the strength to go through this, expanding my rezeki and to be with my whole family in Jannah.

pregnancy round 2

my last update was September? its like 3 months ago???

thats looonggg..

so hi here i am with my 18 weeks of pregnancy.typing with my bloating ad gassy stomach.

this second round is quite challenging for me. 1st i reallly have bad nausea and gassy stomach.i feel like wanna sleep whole morning and do nothing. but do nothing added the i think one of the most crucial part of handling the morning sickness is stand up straight and dont think about it.

get ready,all dolled up and go and have your day. do your chores,work or will definitely doesnt shove it away, but it divert your thinking and focusing on something else. Yes you might felt down on your knee once a while,im not judging.

whenever i heard pregnant friends really have to be in bed all day due to morning sickness, and on Medical leave,i feel like..oh thats cool. dont have to work.sorryyyy i really don't know sitting on the bed whole time doesn't eased the pain.Now i know.

so the next hardest thing is,to buy…